Upcoming Home Remodeling Projects

March 22, 2015 1 By EngineerMommy

I know I’ve been mentioning a list of upcoming home remodeling projects that we have on our radar, so I thought it would be time to share some specifics! In 3 days, we will close on our new home, and once we move in, we will get started ASAP on various projects, from bathroom updating to painting projects to taking down a structural wall. Of course, we will try to DIY almost every single step, but we will turn to the pros, when necessary, such as removing that structural wall!

So if you’re interested in learning more about what we have up our sleeve for the new house, here is a tentative list of what we plan on remodeling. Oh, and it’s only tentative, because I fully suspect that we will be adding to this list on a regular basis!

Upcoming Home Remodeling Projects

Home Remodeling Projects

Home Remodeling Projects

1. Refinish Hardwood Floors: I was so happy when we found this house that had 100% hardwood floors in every living space and every bedroom. Houses like that are not that easy to come by around here. Almost every house we’ve seen before this one had carpeting in some (or all) of the bedrooms. OK, this house does have carpeting in one small addition in the back of the house, but we plan on tiling that room anyway. So moving on, we will refinish the hardwood floors in the whole house: living room, dining room, hallways, 3 bedrooms, etc. It’s a big job, and from what I read, a very messy job! But the end result will be worth it. I wouldn’t say that the hardwood floor in this house is necessarily in bad shape, but there are a handful of spots in the hallway, where the hardwood is definitely damaged and a new finish would do wonders! Oh, and we always wanted to try darker hardwood floors, so when you refinish, you can pick whatever stain you want to apply to the floor. I love personalizing stuff, and my floors are no exception!

2. Remove a Structural Wall: I plan on removing a structural wall – well, we’ll probably outsource that to a company! It’s the wall that separates the kitchen area from the living room/dining room, and I always wanted a more open concept layout. Now I can have it. We don’t know yet if we’ll need a structural post or column in its place, or if we’ll opt for a bigger header beam. Time will tell!

3. Paint all the Walls: We love DIY painting, and after seeing some amazing painting techniques and ideas on Pinterest, I am dedicated to painting all the walls in the house myself. The kids’ rooms will receive a special treatment with either stripes or chevron or stencils or a combination of the above. The master bedroom will receive a calming, soothing color palette in the realm of grays & blues.

4. Tile the Addition Room: I mentioned it before, but the only room in the house that has carpeting is the addition on the back of the house. We will promptly remove the carpeting and replace it with hardwood-look-alike tiles. Have you seen these products? They’re amazing, and look just like hardwood!

5. Update Bathrooms: Both bathrooms in the house have to be updated somewhat. The hallway bathroom has some nice tile going on already and a pretty nice vanity cabinet, but the countertop needs to be replaced with granite. Plus, the mirror & light in there need updating. The master bathroom needs more of a revamp. We will replace the vanity, the countertop, the lighting, the mirror, and really everything in there!

6. Install New Fence: The property has a decent amount of space, but is not fenced all the way around. So we will be installing a fence for the backyard pretty early on. Between the kids and a possible future dog, we will need to be able to corral our people/pets on our property.

7. Update Light Fixtures: The dining room and master bedroom both have outdated ceiling light fixtures, and both need to be completely replaced. I’m loving some of the more modern chandeliers with glass orbs and cylindrical glass elements- they look super cool!

8. Update all Window Treatments: I’ve posted about all sorts of DIY Curtain Rods and DIY Curtain Ideas before, so I will be putting those into practice in the many rooms that need window treatments, including the bedrooms and living room. I can’t wait to customize the curtains for each room.

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