Favorite Home Decor Pieces: Spring 2015

March 21, 2015 0 By EngineerMommy

We are less than a week away from getting the keys to the new house- YAY! We cannot wait! And I think the biggest thing for all of us is the fact that the kids know the move is imminent and they cannot wait to get to the new house, too! The reason is that all most of their toys have been packed away in boxes for months now, and they’re just getting too bored and restless of the same couple of toys they’ve been playing with the last few weeks!

Once we get into the new house, we have a long list of projects that we will be undertaking. And each of those projects will be fairly involved and time-consuming, so I will be posting a lot about our personal home remodeling experiences here. I hope you guys all like it. For now, I am just doing some of the fun stuff- dreaming about decor and styling the new house. Rugs, wall art, lamps, decorative pieces, accent chairs, etc. So here are some of my favorite home decor pieces for Spring 2015!

Favorite Home Decor Pieces: Spring 2015

Favorite Decor Pieces: Spring 2015

Favorite Decor Pieces: Spring 2015

How cool is this table lamp! I love the modern lines!

I will need a chandelier for the dining room and the master bedroom. How fun is this modern chandelier! I love the hanging lights.

I will need a few accent chairs for the living room, and even though this piece has a bit of a traditional feel, I love mixing and matching pieces from different eras. I love how rich this looks!

There’s nothing like a good rug to center a space, and give it some structure. I love the graphic design of this rug, and the neutral colors will complement any space!

Cute boxes like these are perfect to store small items like keys, cell phone, etc. on an entryway table. Much better than having them loose on the table!

A nautical theme is fresh and appealing, and I love how these pillows bring a subtle touch of the ocean to a space.

Which of these pieces would be your favorite?

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