Kids Birthday Party Ideas

March 23, 2015 2 By EngineerMommy

Sophia’s birthday is less than two months away, which means I really need to start doing party planning and prep work ASAP. Charlotte’s birthday is not too far after that, only 2 months later. So there are a lot of kid’s birthday party planning in my future. I thought it would be cool to select some of the coolest kid’s birthday party ideas and feature them on the blog today!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas

I’m loving this Alice in Wonderland party! How sweet!

I love this Make Your Own Burger station. The kids would love it!

This Rainbow theme is bright and colorful, and sure to delight the little ones!

I had never heard of a Stickers Birthday party theme before, but it sure look cool & fun!

Wow, these Cake Waffles look AMAZING! I’ll have a few slices of this please!

This Gymnastics Theme Party would be so much fun for a little girl or boy interested in gymnastics!

This Hello Kitty party looks ridiculously adorable & cute. I mean who wouldn’t want to sit at that table and see what’s inside those box-houses!?

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