My Favorite Cleaning Posts

January 3, 2015 0 By EngineerMommy

Being in the process of selling our condo and buying a single family house, we are fully immersed in the process of cleaning and organizing all our junk stuff! It is so easy to accumulate possessions over the years and lose track of exactly how many belongings you really have. Furthermore, it is so easy to let your home get messy / untidy when you have two young kids whose sole mission from wake-up until bedtime is to destroy the house  make messes. So one of my resolutions for the new year is to keep my place clean. This will be accomplished for two major reasons:

  1. We have inspections and appraisals scheduled for our condo over the next week or two and we must not let the place get too disorderly!
  2. We are moving in a few months and do not want to have to work hard to clean surfaces and things just to be able to access our stuff to pack!

So in my quest of keeping my space as clean as possible, I am rounding up some of my favorite cleaning posts that I’ve written over the years! If your goal is to clean your space and your home in 2015, then be sure to check out my list of cleaning posts below. From cleaning your windowsills to tackling bad laundry stains to cleaning counters naturally, there is a slew of useful information here!

My Favorite Cleaning Posts

My Favorite Cleaning Posts

My Favorite Cleaning Posts

Six Mopping Tips to Clean Like a Pro: Nobody loves mopping the floor, but we all must do it at some point or another. Here are six tips to make your time mopping as effective and as efficient as possible!

How to Clean Your Sink: Whether you have a porcelain sink or a stainless steel sink or something else entirely, here is a post devoted to the best methods to cleaning your sink. A spotless sink will make you smile, trust me! 🙂

Clean Your Counters Naturally: The workhorse of the kitchen, the countertops sometimes take a proverbial beating. They must be cleaned, but care must be taken to ensure you don’t damage their surface. This post goes through the ways to effectively clean your counters using natural products and natural methods!

Clean Laundry Spots & Stains: No cleaning post would be complete without some attention paid to laundry. Here is a post that outlines various ways to effectively tackle those hard-to-treat stains/spots that appear on your favorite clothes or bedding.

Cleaning Up Your Windowsills: People don’t often realize how dirty windowsills can get. I only realized when I was walking through my house pre-inspection that the state of my windowsills were sad. The caulk was cracking, the paint was chipping and the surface was dirty. Ewww Luckily, they were all easy fixes and now my windowsills are pretty!



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