15 Moving Tips to Save You Money

January 4, 2015 0 By EngineerMommy

Are you looking for some great Moving Tips to Save You Money? We will be moving very soon and so we are starting to think about moving and ways to make the process move as smoothly and effectively as possible. So I have compiled a list of wonderful tips to make moving easy and … dare I say it?… fun!

I have heard numerous people say that moving is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. I always sorta scoffed at that idea, thinking how bad could moving really be?! And now, here I am, on the brink of packing up everything and moving, and I sorta agree. It is extremely stressful to move!

Here are some ways to make the process easier & more economical for you and the family!

15 Moving Tips to Save You Money


  1. Have a garage sale. Sell your old stuff so you can get rid your unused junk and make more room for the stuff you actually use everyday.
  2. Create a packing supplies basket. Store packing essentials like boxes, labels, markers, etc. in it so you have all your supplies within easy reach at all times.
  3. Pack plates in between foam plates for easy some cushion and protection.
  4. Pack clothes still on their hangers and grouped into large sections into large white plastic bags to keep your clothes straight and easily accessible.
  5. Pack an overnight bag with some of the daily toiletry essentials so you can be all set during all those transition periods where you may not have access to your main suitcase and boxes.
  6. Wrap delicate china and glasses in clothing or bedding to keep them protected and safe.
  7. Label your boxes with not only what’s inside them, but also which room they’re headed to.
  8. Clean and wipe down your new home before you move in. This way, when you start unpacking boxes and settling in, everything will be clean already and all set to go!
  9. Use less boxes by utilizing all your baskets, bins and vessels.
  10. Arrange for a non-profit organization to come pick up some of your unwanted goods a few weeks before moving.
  11. Don’t go grocery shopping for the 2 weeks prior to moving.
  12. If you have small toys and belongings in bins already, simple use some clean saran tape to create a makeshift lid prior to moving.
  13. Use heavy duty tape to secure the lids of any bottles that can leak.
  14. Get used boxes on Craigslist. Or source boxes from your local supermarket or liquor store.
  15. Pack a small cooler and/or picnic basket for the day of the move, so you will have enough food to keep you going throughout the day.

I know moving is a stressful time, but hopefully some of these tips will make the process a bit more manageable!

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