5 Baby-Proofing Tips to Keep Your Home #SafeandStylish

October 22, 2015 32 By EngineerMommy

A home can be dangerous to a young child. From electricity to sharp corners, there are hazards in a home that need to be addressed in order to make the environment safe for little ones. However, there are many solutions to these dangerous problems and I’ll be sharing five easy ways to make your home safer for baby! From #WindowSafety to water safety, here are some easy ways to protect your home, yet still keep it #SafeAndStylish.

5 Baby-Proofing Tips to Keep Your Home #SafeandStylish

1. Adjust the hot water heater temperature.
To avoid scalding injuries during bath time, it is recommended to adjust the temperature of the hot water heater to be below 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Even still, test the water with your wrist or forearm before placing baby in the water during bath time. And always, stay within an arm’s reach of your child when they are in the bath.
2. Protect the outlets.
Electricity obviously poses a big danger to little kids. Electrical outlets tend to be low on the walls, within reach of little hands. Furthermore, the small holes on the outlet might seem interesting to curious kids. Be sure to cover the outlets with products designed to keep their fingers out. We use a combination of the sliding/twisting electrical covers and the ones that basically house everything within a baby-proof box.
3. Keep medicines & cleaning supplies inside locked cabinets.
Another hazard for young kids involves cleaning supplies & medicines. Keep these items out of reach of young kids- either on a high shelf or locked away in a cabinet. Here is our bathroom, where a cabinet lock keeps curious little fingers out!
4. Choose round furniture or corner guards.
When possible, choose furniture that has rounded corners. Otherwise, purchase corner cushions or corner guards that are designed to protect little heads that might come in contact with the corners! Here’s a round table in our entryway!
5. Convert to cordless window treatments.
Older window coverings tend to have long cords that pose a strangulation risk to young children. According to the WCSC (Window Covering Safety Council), homes with young children should have window coverings that are either cordless or have inaccessible cords. Being a member of the WCSC, Smith & Noble feels an obligation as a window covering industry leader to protect consumers from potential dangers by educating them and offering smart window treatment solutions. Here’s a cordless window treatment. Since there are no cords, you simply lower or raise these blinds by pulling or pushing the bottom bar.
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Hope these tips help you make your home safer for little ones!

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