7 Home Decor Trends to Try This Fall

October 21, 2015 38 By EngineerMommy

I’m kind of obsessed with decorating my home! Whether I’m purchasing decor pieces from the store or DIY’ing a decorative accent, I’m always looking for ways to spruce up my space. Part of that process is making sure that my style stays current and fresh, so I love researching current home decor trends (Pinterest is my friend for this!) and making sure I implement some of my favorites into my home. And I’ve collected some of my favorite ideas below! Whether your thing is curtains or kitchens, I have seven amazing home trends to share with you all today- all perfect for Fall! Let’s get to it!

7 Home Decor Trends to Try This Fall

7 Home Decor Trends to Try This Fall

7 Home Decor Trends to Try This Fall

1. Jute Accents: Just because Fall is here, you don’t have to completely ditch the nautical look. Adding some jute rope accents to your curtain rods is an easy way to keep the beach-vibe alive all year long! via

2. Candles in the Fireplace: What’s more warm and inviting than a set of lit candles? Nothing, I say! If your fireplace is faux, or you just want to style it to look welcoming and cozy, stage it with a big grouping of candles! via

3. Vintage Art: If you ask me, vintage art is always in! Search for small, vintage prints and set up a quick gallery wall via

4. Color in the Kitchen: Cabinets don’t need to be white. Embrace your love for color by painting your kitchen cabinets a bright pop of color, like this gorgeous navy blue! via

5. Oversized Art: Nothing makes a statement quite like a piece of gorgeous, supersized art on the wall. This is a trend that is sure to last! via

6. Pale Driftwood: Regardless of your personal decor preferences, it’s hard to deny the rustic beauty that is evoked by pale driftwood accents. From fireplace mantels to ceiling beams, driftwood is definitely a lovely addition to any room. via

7. Succulents: I love the cuteness of succulents and with a faux set like this, you’ll never have to worry about them drying out or getting overwatered! My kind of plant! 😉 via

I absolutely love shopping for home decor accents but when you have a whole house to decorate, the costs can definitely add up! And I’m always looking for ways to save money and get my dollar to stretch further, so I’m happy I recently discovered ChameleonJohn. They offer valuable promo codes and coupons for Target (one of my favorite destinations for home decor) and so many other stores, too! I love using coupons because it means I’m saving money! And that means I can go out and buy even more cute things for the house! My favorite home decor trend for the Fall is probably the Pale Driftwood accents.

Now, tell me in the Comments: Which of these decor trends is your favorite?

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