5 Tips to Simplify Christmas

December 24, 2015 0 By EngineerMommy

All our gifts are wrapped, the cookies have been baked, the make-ahead meals have been started, and we are all set for a big party tomorrow. It has been such a wonderful season. I’ve made so many delicious treats this year like these cupcakes, these flan desserts, these cookies and more. I’ve made so many festive crafts this year, too: these ornaments, these ornaments and this garland. It has been such a productive year for me (and this blog) and I’m really excited to finally step away from the blog for a few days to enjoy time with my family and friends.

Here are some easy ways to slow down and simplify Christmas!

How to Simplify Christmas & Enjoy the Season

5 Tips to Simplify Christmas

5 Tips to Simplify Christmas

1. Let go of weight issues for the holidays.
Let yourself gain a few pounds during the holidays. Don’t over-indulge to the point of feeling ill, but feel free to really enjoy some decadent treats & celebrate with good food!

2. Don’t buy a gift for everyone you’ve ever met!
Your 3rd cousins’ friend’s friend doesn’t need (or expect) a gift from you every year. Save some money and let go of the feeling that you need to buy a gift for every single person you’ve ever met! Your wallet will thank you!

3. Skip traditions that are not enjoyable.
This year, we never wound up doing Elf on the Shelf. We had done that tradition last year and it was really not-fun trying to find a new activity for the little Elf every single morning. So we skipped that tradition this year! One tradition that we’re keeping? Leaving cookies & milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve! (Mama loves sugar cookies) 🙂

4. Focus on family & friends.
Spend quality time with your loved ones this season! After all, that’s what this season is all about. I talked about this at length in this post here.

5. Keep your budget in mind.
You may be able to completely ignore your diet for a few days, because after all, you can always lose a few extra gained pounds. But do not completely ignore your budget, since you will not be able un-spend that money. And going into debt for holiday gifts does not make sense!

I hope these tips help you simplify your Christmas holiday and encourage you to spend quality time with your loved ones!

Happy Holidays, friends! Thanks for being a loyal reader of Engineer Mommy! I really value you guys and am so grateful to all of you! For those of you who have been a follower of this blog since the beginning, you know how much this blog has evolved over time! This blog started as a hobby and a way for me to share a few crafts & recipes with my friends & family. Now, this blog is a business that keeps me busy 40 hours per week! And this holiday season, I am so grateful for the growth of this blog and for all my lovely, loyal readers! You guys are really what keeps this blog going!

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