Solar panels have come a long way!

September 29, 2014 0 By EngineerMommy

As some of you have been reading around here, we have been focused lately on staging our condo to sell because we are looking to move into a single-family home with a big yard. So being in the midst of searching and touring new houses all the time, I am well versed in general ways to update a property while taking into account financial and environmental concerns. One way of really making your home stand out in a positive way would be to go solar. Sungevity walks customers through the whole process of going solar, from determining the potential cost savings to installing the panels themselves!

Installing solar panels on the roof has come such a long way, but there are still so many misconceptions about the process. Let’s start by dispelling the myths of home solar:

  • They’re too costly: You may think they are too expensive, but the truth is that for homes with utility bills in excess of $150, solar panels can actually represent thousands of dollars of savings in the long term. For people planning on installing swimming pools or purchase electric vehicles, the benefits of solar panels can be high, as well. Furthermore, solar panels from Sungevity would likely increase the resale value of your home- can’t beat that!
  • They’re complicated: You may think that the process of installing solar panels is daunting and complicated, but my friends over at Sungevity are really committed to a friendly, concierge-like service to ensure that their customers are well informed and satisfied. They take care of the hard part and the customer reaps the financial rewards!
  • They’re unattractive: You may think that solar panels have to be aesthetically unappealing, but solar panels from Sungevity are actually quite beautiful. They are completely black and blend in wonderfully with your home. Just look at this chic updated home with Sungevity solar panels!

Oh and if you hurry, Sungevity is offering a $500 discount off all solar systems for customers who decide to go solar in September. $500, people! Enter “BLOG500” (all caps) as the Referral Code. This offer expires September 30, 2014 so if you’re interested, head right over to Sungevity.


Even if you’re not ready to sign up right now for a solar system, Sungevity offers an iQuote feature on their website, where you can receive personal, detailed information about what your cost savings could be with these #solar panels! Pretty neat, if you ask me!

Disclosure: Thank you to Sungevity for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to learn more about home solar panels!

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