Chic animal silhouette nursery wall art tutorial DIY project

April 13, 2014 0 By EngineerMommy

I’m quite a fan of chic nurseries. I love a nursery with enough sophistication to make it elegantly designer-inspired and with enough whimsy to make it playfully fun for a little one. It’s a tough balance sometimes… to get it right, especially in a nursery. Especially when you’re trying to design it all on a budget… of like nothing.  🙂

Anyway, I think these really easy-to-craft picture frames really hit the nail on the head, so to speak. They really capture that sweet balance of sophistication and whimsy, don’t ya think? Plus, they were ridiculously easy to make. And even more ridiculously easy on the wallet. It cost me all of three bucks! Just three bucks for the three dollar store frames. I already had scrapbook paper that I would use on the inside. So let’s get to the tutorial, shall we?

Chic nursery wall art tutorial DIY project

Gather your supplies, which are basically some cheap plain picture frames, various scrapbook papers, and some craft paint in your choice of colors.

Cut out your background paper to fit inside the frames. Then search online for animal silhouettes that you like, print them out on your desired paper, and cut out the silhouettes. I “cut” off each silhouette in the middle, so the animals look like they are each just walking into the frame. See the picture below for details.

Paint your basic picture frames in a color that coordinates with your foreground scrapbook paper.

Use Modge Podge to adhere your silhouettes to your background paper and slip it into the frame. Repeat for all frames.

Voila! Chic, cheap and easy! My kind of wall art!

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