Encouraging your toddler to play with small plastic eggs

March 25, 2013 0 By EngineerMommy

I got this pack of a dozen small plastic eggs at the dollar store. I thought my daughter would love playing with them! Well, she did for the first 5 minutes. But then she got bored.

So I had to get creative. I needed to find a way to keep her engaged with these cool little receptacles of goodies. So I filled random ones with cheerios, small figurines, pom poms, etc. Be careful to supervise your child while playing with this toy, if you fill the eggs with small, non-food items.

Then, I had a wonderful idea. She always loves watching me make eggs in the morning. She always asked to play with the egg crate. But of course, I never let her play with it, when it was filled with actual eggs. But now I can fill it with these plastic eggs. And it was a huge hit! She loves opening and closing the crate. She also loves opening each one to see what treat is awaiting her inside!

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