DIY dollar store color match pinwheel toy

March 25, 2013 1 By EngineerMommy

This toy was created from colorful plastic bag clips I found at the dollar store. I also grabbed a plastic plate and colored in sections of the plate to match the bag clips I had. Then I cut out the plate to be a bit smaller and stuck on the plastic clips according to color.

I wasn’t sure if my daughter would love this or not, but she always asks for the “color wheel” and loves pulling off the bag clips. She doesn’t yet have the dexterity to put them back on. But she loves pulling them off.

And she also loves pointing to and naming the different colors on the wheel. It was such a cheap and easy project, but it entertains her more than some $20 toys I bought at the store. This color match pinwheel toy is a hit with her at restaurants, while we wait for the food to arrive.

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