DIY felt pizza slice as toddler play food

March 25, 2013 0 By EngineerMommy

My daughter loves pizza. Especially pepperoni. Okay, she doesn’t really eat pizza that much but she loves identifying pizza in books and shows. And she particularly loves pointing out the different toppings, like mushrooms, pepperoni and olives. So what better activity can I do in an hour than create her very own pizza slice out of felt?

Here is how I made this!

DIY felt pizza slice as toddler play food

  1. Cut a brown triangle and fold over the “crust” area and sew it down.
  2. Cut red and white triangles to serve as sauce and cheese and sew these down, as well.
  3. Cut out pepperoni, mushrooms and olives and sew these onto the slice of pizza.
  4. Voila! Pizza slice is complete. Hand it to your child and let them feed all the stuffed animals!

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