Use dollar store glass to make elegant bathroom containers

September 29, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

I’m a fan of dollar stores, particularly the Dollar Tree. They have amazing stuff for DIYing and of course, everything’s a buck! So I had an idea to go to their glass aisle and browse their selection of candlesticks and glass cups. And then I had an idea for the master bathroom. Originally, I stored Q-tips and cotton balls and my makeup brushes in some dreadful storage cups. They were dirty, ugly and generally uninspiring. Beautiful pedestal glass cups… much better!

So this is how I did it. These are my starting materials. Basic glass candlesticks and glass cups.

Using some hot glue, I adhered the cups to the candlesticks. Now I believe they make a special hot glue designed specifically for adhering glass, but I just used the regular stuff and it worked fine. Here is how it looks when they are put together.

And here they are in the bathroom holding Q-tips, cotton balls and makeup brushes.

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