Make your own rock trivet DIY

September 30, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

This is a cute DIY project to bring a little outdoorsy rustic elegance to your kitchen. This adorable rock trivet was really a cinch to make and will serve quite a utilitarian role in your space. If you have extra river rock or craft rocks or dollar store rocks, take them to your crafting table and get ready to create a trivet. The best part about this trivet project is you can customize it to your needs and liking. Do you have a large oval pot that you need a trivet for? A square pan? A rectangular casserole dish? Perfect. Make a trivet that fits it perfectly.

Start with craft foam and cut it to the size you like. Using hot glue, attach each rock to the foam. Place the rocks on the foam in a random, scattered manner. Voila! You’re done – now put a hot pot on that trivet and enjoy!

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