Handmade birthday bunting banner DIY

May 4, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

With Sophia’s birthday rapidly approaching, I had to pick a theme to go with. I decided I liked the clown/carnival theme the most! And I got excited pretty quickly with planning and organizing all the theme elements.

One of the first DIY projects I embarked on was the birthday banner that would hang across the feature wall in our living room. We normally have two pictures hanging on that wall. I took those pictures down, and used the picture hooks that were already on that wall as anchors for my banner. Since it is her first birthday, I wanted the sign to read, “Happy First Birthday Sophia.”

While I was at the dollar store, I came across this set of round red balloon paper cutouts in the Teacher/Classroom Supplies aisle. They are basically a set of 32 red paper cutouts in the shape of a balloon. I picked it up, since cutting ~30 or so PERFECT circles out of cardstock myself would either take a LONG time or be impossible! 🙂

So when I got home, I made a hole punch at the top of each balloon to string the ribbon through. Then I found a shiny, glitterry gold ribbon that I cut pieces out of to form the letters. Using hot glue, I affixed the ribbon strips to each balloon in the form of the letters.

I also added a few decorate end-piece balloons which just featured some decorative border strips, along with a red, glittery gift sticker. After stringing all the letters together and hanging each of the words, I made yellow tissue paper pom-poms to hang onto each picture hook and conceal all the individual ribbons underneath.

I love the look of the finished product. I will post more of my DIY party decorations as I go along. Stay tuned!

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