DIY tissue paper crafts: inspiring ideas for projects with tissue paper

June 4, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

Sometimes you just wanna be crafty! That’s how I was feeling last weekend. I looked through my craft & gift wrap supplies and found a ton of tissue paper. But what do I do with tissue paper? Besides using it to wrap clothes that you will then put in a box! I’ve written about tissue paper in the past here, here, here, and here. Besides flowers & pom poms, tissue paper can be used to make a variety of cool things.

Added bonus: tissue paper seems to fascinate bored toddlers! So when all else fails, give the little one a sheet of tissue paper and watch the magic. Of course, supervise them so they don’t eat it all! 🙂

DIY tissue paper crafts: inspiring ideas for projects with tissue paper

  1. These adorable tissue paper flowers can be used all over the house for some springtime cheer.- The craftinomicon
  2. Make these tissue paper lanterns for an elegant & simple addition to almost any room.- A bubbly life
  3. A few pieces of tissue paper sushi will satisfy one’s appetite for crafting.- Ume origami
  4. This tissue paper piggy bank will teach the little ones the value of a dollar.- The little red house
  5. Use tissue paper and a brown bag to make this tree blowing in the wind.- Family corner
  6. Use dollar store fake flowers and monotone tissue paper to make this stunning flower arrangement.- In my own style

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