Infant Developmental Toys: Emotional

November 5, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

Let baby develop her nurturing side with these toys inspired to ignite baby’s care-taking spirit.

  • The Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod is perfect for baby to tote around. Made of soft fabrics, encourage your little one tuck the little baby toy into her pod to keep her safe & warm!

  • The Gund Plush Puppy can be baby’s best friend. His name is Spunky and he barks when hugged!

  • The Baby Starters Sugar n Spice Doll is the perfect first doll for a little girl. She is huggable and loveable.

  • The Lamaze Panda Blankie is a patchwork blanket with multiple textures to develop baby’s sense of touch. Featuring rattle & crinkle noises, this blankie can be be cuddled with to keep baby feeling safe & secure!

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