How to Make A Coffee or Tea Cup Cozy Sleeve Tutorial: DIY

November 5, 2011 2 By EngineerMommy

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your own coffee or tea cozy, without a pattern and without a needle & thread, then look no further. The answer is remarkably simple and the result, I think, is beautiful.

    • Find a pair of socks that you no longer want.

    • Trim away the heel & toe portion. If it a low, sneaker-type sock, then you will be using the arch portion of the sock. If it is a taller sock, you may use the ankle section of the sock. You are looking for at least 5 inches of straight sock.
    • Lay out the embelishments you want to add to your new cozy and find a design that you like.

  • Using hot glue, affix the embelishments onto the cup cozy and slide over your favorite coffee or tea cup. Enjoy!

Here are some useful tips:

  • If you are using thin, cotton socks as a starting point, then the resulting cozy will not be insulating enough to handle the hottest of liquids. I have found from personal experience that the knitted, thicker socks provide a much better protection against very hot liquids.
  • Use a pair of socks that are new & unworn. Since the resulting product will be used in such close proximity to beverages to be consumed, you really want to start with brand new socks. I have found beautifully patterned socks for a buck or two at the local big box superstore.
  • Make a seasonal cozy using seasonal socks. Around Halloween and Christmas and Fourth of July, it is so easy to find season-specific designs on socks. Use these as a starting point to build a growing collection of cozies.
  • Buy embelishments made of letters and personalize a few cozies. These make excellent gifts (think stocking stuffers!) and are very useful!

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