Infant Developmental Toys: Motor

November 6, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

These infant developmental toys encourage the enhancement of baby’s motor skills by teaching him to move, grasp and interact with her toys.

  • The Tiny Love Spin Ball is an easy-to-grasp ball with multiple textures. Encourage baby to start by rolling this ball on the floor and eventually tossing it to mommy. Have her watch how the inside components move as the ball moves!

  • The Whoozit Shooting Star Rattle is sized for little baby’s hands and stimulates baby’s vision and hearing. This rattle includes ribbons, rattle & teethers to keep baby entertained for longer periods of time.

  • The Play Toy Baby Walker includes 24 colored blocks and helps babies learn to take their first steps. The blocks are helpful for encouraging baby to practice stacking and toppling activities, while the walker helps to support baby during those wobbly first steps.

  • The Chicco Great Shakes Monkey Toy is a colorful and interactive way to engage baby while developing her motor skills. The monkey’s leg vibrates, the beads move and the banana crinkles – all ways to stimulate baby’s learning!

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