Handmade Gift Tag Tutorials

December 1, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

With Christmas around the corner, I am constantly thinking of ways to personalize my gifts. And I keep thinking about gift tags… they’re so easy to customize and they’re so adorable! Those little tags with pretty papers and all those embelishments!

Check out these for some serious inspiration!

Scrapbook.com created this adorable Butterfly Baby Gift Tag on Graph Paper, which would be perfect for holiday gifts for that little munchkin in your life. Since this is neutral enough, it can be used throughout the year for all kinds of occasions like birthdays and christenings.

Source: Scrapbook.com

Artangel created the following handmade Christmas gift tags, which are so cute and easy to make. I love all the pretty papers and the buttons!

Source: artangeloriginalart.blogspot.com

Wheretheresawool made these elegant hand printed gift tags. Since these feature a snowflake, these would be perfect for gift-giving throughout the winter season.

Source: Wheretheresawool.com

Stayathomeartist made these Christmas gift tag ornaments, which are so simple and adorable. Perfect for Christmas gifts, these little wooden ornaments can serve a dual purpose as gift tags!

Source: Stayathomeartist.com

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