Cute Baby Headbands DIY Tutorials

December 19, 2011 4 By EngineerMommy

If there’s a lovely, little darling in your life, and you’d like to customize a darling headband for her, then check out these beautiful inspirations below.

  1. Wool Felt Flower Hair Accessories– Make it and Love it
  2. Colorful Flower Headbands– The Sassy Pepper
  3. Pale Pastel Flower Headband– Little Red Wagon Photography
  4. Bright Stretchy Baby Headband– Little Birdie Secrets

Looking for more amazing DIY ideas for the little ones? Check out these fun projects below!
Even More Cute Baby Headbands

Even More Cute Baby Headbands

Even More Cute Baby Headbands

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Felt baby booties

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