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Jan 102012

After trying my hand at the felt baby shoes here, I thought I could maybe handle a tougher sewing project and these baby booties were so cute. I gathered my materials and got started! The final product can clearly be customized with different colors and embelishments.

Felt Baby Booties DIY

  1. Enlarge the template so that the sole outline is about the same size as one of the baby’s shoes.
  2. Cut out the template patterns out of paper and then felt.
  3. Using fusible webbing tape, attach the cuff pieces, the sole pieces, and the main body pieces.
  4. Hand-stitch some details around the toe and cuff areas.
  5. Sew the back seam of the bootie together.
  6. Attach the sole to the main body of the bootie by hand-stitching it together.
  7. Add ribbon to keep the bootie closed.

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