Repurpose to Manage the Grocery Bag Overflow

December 22, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

I hate grocery bags. Period.

But no matter how many I throw away, they always seem to make their way back into my house and inevitably end up in a basket under my kitchen sink. Since this basket never seems to properly control the bags, I thought there must be a better, more efficient way of managing grocery bag storage.

Of course, I could go out and buy a grocery bag storage solution like this one. But I also found that I could re-purpose stuff for this problem, and repurposing always makes me happy.

If you have a bunch of kitchen towels laying around, and would like to sew together your own plastic bag dispenser, then check out this solution here that is easy and customizeable.


If you don’t want to sew or craft a plastic bag dispenser, then this solution here is perfect. By re-purposing a disinfectant wipes container, you have an instant plastic grocery bag dispenser! Genius!


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