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Mar 092018

This is a sponsored post written by me for SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics. All opinions are mine alone.

I am committed to leading a healthy, active lifestyle (as I mentioned here and here) and today I will be sharing some of my everyday fitness essentials. From post-gym makeup to my music player to the proper foot support, keep reading for my workout must-haves. Speaking of proper foot support, I have dealt with foot issues for years and I can say that the right support makes all the difference in the world!

I was a teenager when I visited a podiatrist for the first time. I used to get achy feet after playing tennis in high school. As it turns out, I had flat feet (also known as fallen arches) and I needed orthotics in my sneakers. The orthotics given to me by the podiatrist helped for a while, but over time, I just stopped using them. They didn’t fit in all my footwear and my feet needed different levels of support over time. Plus, it’s hard to tell an 18-year-old that she can never wear anything except running sneakers!

Over the years, I have tried many over-the-counter footwear inserts. I tried the cushion-y gel insoles. They felt comfy underfoot but provided zero arch support. I tried the arch support insoles, but they provided either too much or too little support for my feet. I was Goldilocks looking for just-the-right-fit. Fortunately, I recently discovered SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics and I’m so excited about this revolutionary product. These orthotics are powered by innovative iFlex technology, in which the impact of each footstep is dynamically absorbed through a support system that closely mimics the ligaments in the human foot. This technology keeps your feet feeling refreshed and invigorated throughout the day!

What makes SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics truly unique is that they provide 3 adjustable levels (medium, firm, extra-firm) of flexural arch support. Yes, these orthotics can be adjusted to provide maximum comfort for your particular support needs. Here’s what you’ll find in the box: SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics, Adjuster Key and Instruction Guide.

SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

Did you know that optimal body alignment begins at the feet? Collapsed arches can cause misalignment all the way through the musculoskeletal chain, including pronated knees, ankle joint displacement, sprained knees, and more. This orthotic is designed to provide proper support & comfort for the foot, resulting in optimum alignment throughout the body.
SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

It’s super easy to adjust between the various support levels. Simply line up the black arrow on the Adjuster Key with the white notch in the Heel Port. Insert the key fully and rotate to your desired level of support (1, 2 or 3). I love that these orthotics make it possible to adjust the support based on the day or activity.
*TIP: Do not force the key or over-rotate past the markings.
SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

Before you place the orthotic in the sneaker, start by removing the manufacturer insole from your shoe/sneaker. This should slide right out with ease.
SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

Place the SelecFlex orthotic into the sneaker, toe side first. Push down the heel and make sure the orthotic is fully seated in the shoe/sneaker.
*TIP: If the orthotic doesn’t fit, you can trim it with scissors, using the old insole as a guide.
SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

I have been using these orthotics for about a week now and I’m loving the way they feel. They are comfortable to wear and my feet still feel rested at the end of the day.
SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

Here are some other features that I’m loving about SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics:

  • The footbed is constructed of polyurethane flexible foam with antimicrobial topcover. Perfect for comfort!
  • Our bodies aren’t always symmetric. These adjustable orthotics let you actually select different support levels for each foot. How clever!
  • SelectFlex Orthotics are designed to fit in most sneakers, golf shoes & casual shoes, but they can also work in some boots & dress shoes. I was able to fit them in my fave pair of boots! Total win for me!
  • The company offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product, simply return for a 100% refund.

SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

As with any pair of orthotics, slow & steady is the way to go! Here are some best practices when incorporating SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics into your routine:
* Begin on setting 1 to allow your feet to adapt to the support. Increase to other settings as needed.
* Wear them for 2-3 hours per day for the first few days. Increase the time worn gradually over the course of a week or two.
Ready to try these orthotics for yourself? I have a great savings for you! Get a 20% discount with the following code: Healthy2018
SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics

In addition to comfort & support under my feet, here are some other fitness essentials that are part of my routine:

Fitness Essentials

Fitness Essentials

  1. Sunglasses: When I’m walking/running outside, I have to bring my shades along.
  2. Hair Ties: Keeping the hair off my face is a must!
  3. Fitness Tracker: I love wearing this as it motivates me to stay active throughout the day. It keeps track of steps walked and calories burned.
  4. Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is essential.
  5. Foundation Stick: After a session at the gym, I like to wash my face in the locker room and apply this to my face for a quick touch-up.
  6. Color Stick: This multi-tasking makeup powerhouse can be applied on the lips, cheeks and eyelids! Love it!
  7. Music Player: No workout is complete without my fave tunes in the background!

Don’t forget to check out SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotics, the only instantly adjustable orthotic in the world! What are your top fitness essentials?

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37 Responses to “Must-Haves for an Active Lifestyle”

  1. My daughter has flat feet and she is always dealing with pain in her feet so I’m definitely telling her about these inserts. I love that they are adjustable.

  2. I’ve never needed orthotics, I don’t have any foot ortho issues. It sounds like these can easily be customized, making them worth taking a look at prticularly if you want to try orthotics but don’t know what will work.

  3. I have flat feet and so does one of our sons. We use these all the time. Literally everyday.

  4. I need to try these out. Sometimes my sneakers can start to pinch and feel uncomfortable, so I’ll see if these help!

    I always have a fitness tracker on. I try to get 10,000 steps a day.

  5. My son has flat feet, but hasn’t complained about his feet hurting. He may not since he has such a high tolerance for pain. I’ll have to remember to ask him.

  6. As I get older, I need more support and going to check these out before my next trip. After 5 – 6 miles a day, I will be wore out just from my feet hurting.

  7. Sounds like a great tool to have when you’re an athlete. I’m pretty sure this is going to help ease the pain, especially when you run often.

  8. This would give my feet the arch support they need. I do a lot of walking, as that is the only exercise I am allowed to do. I will have to get this and make my daily walks more comfortable.

  9. Wow, those are some techy shoe inserts! I’d love to try out a pair, because the older I’ve gotten the more picky my feet are.

  10. Water is my fitness essential. Whether it’s a water bottle full of fresh water or a bottled water or two. You have to stay hydrated when working out.

  11. I really love those in souls. I need to check those out.

  12. Well check those things out! I need to pick up a pair of those.

  13. Thanks for this inspiring post. I need to be more mindful in exercising. It’s in the top of my to-do list. This week, I will do better! πŸ™‚

  14. I worked for a shoe store for a couple years and learned a to. About feet and orthotics. The proper orthotic or insert is so important.

  15. Me and my husband use things like this a lot. When we go to the gym our feet always hurt without them.

  16. I will have to check these out. Bet they’d be a real benefit to me. I could really use some extra support!

    • Jeanine, we are here to help you find the comfort level that works for you. Everyone’s arch demands are different but we believe you will be empowered to dial in the amount of support your feet need with SelectFlex!

  17. Those sneakers are so cute! Definitely need to get a pair myself!

  18. I love the color of that shoes! I’ll be needing a new pair of shoes since my current one has seen better days.

  19. I never needed orthotics but the way my feet hurt, I bet if I went to the dr they would recommend them. These look so comfortable

  20. Omg, tank you so much for this post, because every since my last foot surgery, I have nothing but foot pain. I must get a set of these inserts. Thank you, thank you.

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