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Feb 042016


I’m always looking for smart shortcuts that can save me time! Wearing makeup and styling my hair is something I do every day. Regardless of whether I’m heading to a formal party or just doing some errands around town, I always spend some time in the mornings to make sure I look polished! However, in an effort to be more efficient, I am compiling a list of Clever Beauty Hacks. From a French manicure trick to the effective KerMax™ system, I am covering it all today!

Let’s get to the list now, shall we?

9 Clever Beauty Hacks

9 Clever Beauty Hacks

9 Clever Beauty Hacks

  1. Tired of needing to reapply your makeup throughout the day? Try adding a light, translucent powder onto your face after you’ve finished applying the rest of your makeup. The use a facial setting spray! Voila! No more touch-ups necessary!
  2. If you’d like your lips to look their fullest, add a few drops of peppermint oil to your lip gloss. It will plump up the lips a bit and add a lovely, refreshing scent!
  3. Has it been a few days since your last hair washing but you don’t have time for a full shower right away? Invest in some dry shampoo to absorb some of the excess oil. Enjoy locks that look fresh again!
  4. Want to do your own at-home French manicure? Wrap a rubber band around your nail as a guide for the white tips!
  5. When filling in your eyebrows with a pencil, avoid long, heavy-handed strokes. Instead, use many small, feather-light strokes. And then blend, blend, blend!
  6. If your mascara is a little clumpy, consider adding a few drops of contact solution! It will help loosen it up a bit and get rid of all the clumps!
  7. Looking for a natural way to remove your makeup? Look no further than your kitchen! Coconut oil works wonders in dissolving makeup and removing dirt & debris.
  8. Want your hair style to last all day? Spray your bobby pins with hair spray before you insert them into your hair. No more fly-away hair!
  9. Is your hair looking a little thin or are you suffering from hair loss? Try KerMax™, which is a drug-free solution to hair loss that can be obtained over-the-counter! This product can help restore confidence and boost self-esteem of those suffering from hair loss.


Manufactured in France with natural ingredients, KerMax™ reduces the appearance of thinning hair & hair loss. It even makes new hair growth possible! I really love that this product is hypoallergenic and free of chemical preservatives! KerMax™ can help make fine, thinning hair appear fuller & healthier! #TryKerMax today and enjoy gorgeous hair again! I’ve noticed some hair loss & hair thinning, especially right after giving birth! As women, we put a lot of effort into making sure our hair looks as great as possible, so when we’re dealing with hair that looks less than fabulous, it definitely takes a toll on our confidence! That’s why I’m really excited about getting the opportunity to try out the KerMax™ system!

Would you like to try it out for yourself? KerMax™ is available in Canada at all Shoppers Drug Mart locations, and in the United States at all CVS locations, and CVS online- CLICK HERE to order it online today!
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The clinical proof behind the KerMax™ system is really quite impressive. Among 21 female participants who initially experienced hair loss, after 12 weeks of exclusively using the KerMax™ system, 100% saw less hair loss! Those results speak for themselves! What really sets this system apart from others is their ingredient list! Each KerMax™ product contains a special blend of peptide amino acids, fruit stem cells and botanical extracts -all designed to reduce hair loss! I love products with natural ingredients!

To keep up-to-date with the latest news & offers from KerMax™, please visit them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
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Now, it’s giveaway time! I am giving away a full 4-product KerMax™ system worth approximately $150 to one lucky reader! This set includes the Shampoo, Conditioner, Day Foam & Hair Serum. Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win the KerMax™ system!
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Now, learn more about the KerMax™ system here and tell me: What are your best beauty hacks? Would you love fuller, thicker hair? Have you ever tried the KerMax™ system?

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47 Responses to “9 Clever Beauty Hacks”

  1. I never leave the house without makeup and dry shampoo is one of my best friends. I try not to overwash my hair because it’s so dry. These are all great hacks.

  2. I had never heard about the contact solution in the mascara! Great tip! I use coconut oil for so many things. It really has a lot of great purposes. Thanks!

  3. OMG I’m going to try coconut oil to remove my makeup. I had a big container and I’ve hardly used it. I know coconut oil is good for everything but I didn’t know makeup removal was included.

  4. Love these beauty hacks!!! It can take a lof of time to look great all the time so saving time hacks are a must for me!

  5. It sounds like the KerMax serums could help my hair a lot. I’d love to make my hair feel more voluminous.

  6. I don’t have hair loss , but it sure takes my hair forever to grow!! Super fine hair I have. Thanks for all the great tips.

  7. Currently experiencing thinning hair

  8. These are all clever beauty hacks for sure that I am going to be trying. I love the idea of the using the rubber band for the french manicure. The KerMax system I am going to have to check out for sure with my thinning hair. Thanks for the tips.

  9. Oh my yes! I am 60 so now I really notice it. I did finally go gray. I have been coloring my hair since I was 25. I guess I inherited my mother’s premature graying.

  10. These are great tips! I have like 2 seconds to put makeup on in the morning, so it’s always helpful to learn from the pros!

  11. KerMax sounds like a product I would get a lot of use from. I now know how to keep Alyssa’s long hair in tact, I’ll use your tips an spray your bobby pins with hair spray.

  12. Great tips! I can use all the help I can get. I especially like the idea with the bobby pins and hairspray

  13. What great tips! I’ve always used shampoo that adds volume. This product sounds amazing!
    Sinea ♥

  14. Great hacks! I’m not too into beauty or anything like this, but its great to know there are some hacks to know when I do want to put some make up on and leave the house!

  15. These are such fun tips! I’m loving the rubberband trick for a French manicure and the peppermint oil in lip product – genius!

  16. The bobby pin trick’s the greatest! Been using it for year. Now time to try kermax because all that hairspray is probably what made my hair start to thin out. 🙁

  17. I only expereince hair loss when I twirl my hair which is a bad habit I have. Other then that I would love thicker hair I have thin hair especially when I straigthen it with a flat iron. Oh I cannot stand it sometimes.

  18. I have to clean out my hairbrush a lot, so I do think I have had some hair loss.

  19. I have been experiencing hair loss and thinning hair for some time now. I have never tried any type of product for hair thinning before and I would love to try this product to help with my thinning hair problem.

  20. Wow, these are great tips, most of my favorite are adding peppermint oil in lipgloss, and I like the idea of hair care.

  21. wow contact solution in the mascara is something totally new of me and sounds like it could really be helpful. i am gonna def try this. Thanks

  22. Yes, I do experience hair loss and I wold love to use a product that would give me thicker, fuller hair.

  23. These are all great beauty hacks and I’m going to try these for sure!! Thanks for sharing!!

  24. It’s amazing that products with all natural ingredients are just as effective if not more so than products that use harsh chemicals – why aren’t more people talking about this?

  25. I a experiencing hair loss. I have always had very thin hair but it is getting worse. I would really love thicker fuller hair.

  26. I want thicker fuller hair. My hair has always been weak looking.

  27. Great hacks love your tips and i thougt the products you recommend are awesome

  28. I never leave the house without makeup a

  29. Yes, I am experiencing thinning of my hair. I would love thicker, fuller hair! Thanks for the chance at this!

  30. I am not but my mother is from meds she is having to take

  31. As I get older, I am definitely losing more hair! I’d love thicker hair!

  32. I’m not losing much hair…yet…but I’d like to gift this to somebody who is.

  33. When I turned 40 years old, I noticed my hair started to fall out more frequently, especially during showers.

  34. Yep…tons of my hair all over the house……..eekk

  35. I had to have two surgeries last year and after the anesthesia, I started noticing clumps of hair in my brush. I also had hair loss every time I shampooed. I was born blonde and was blonde when I had surgery. but now my hair is a strange light brown color with silver/gray streaks. The same thing happened when I was put under for an emergency c-section 26 years ago..After about 2 years, my hair came back in and turned back to blonde, but I was 34 then and am 60 now. I think I am goinv to need some help this time.

  36. Yes I am.I miss having thicker and fuller head of hair because I can do more with it

  37. My hair has been falling out. I would love thicker hair.

  38. I have a section of my hair that constantly breaks drives me nuts.

  39. My Hair has been getting thinner every year!
    I would love to try this to see if it will make my hair thick again.

  40. I have had hair loss since my teens as wells as very fine hair, so I would love to see how these products would help me.

  41. I don’t have hair loss, but my daughter does

  42. Even though I am not that old,currently in my mid-thirties, I have been experiencing my hair thinning. Every year it seems to get a little bit worse!

  43. Yes, I am experiencing hair loss so badly. My hair is getting thinner and thinner everyday 🙁 I would love to win and try this Kermax System to make my hair look thicker and fuller!
    Thank You for the chance!!

  44. I have really thin baby fine hair and losing hair because of age. I would love to try this to add volume to my hair.

  45. My hair is starting to thin a lol so thicker full hair would be nice!

  46. Yes, I have thinning hair and I’m experiencing hair loss. No fun!

  47. These are all great tips, but I especially love numbers 6 and 8! I would have never thought of number 8 and I bet that would help me out quite a bit.

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