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Oct 072015

Whether I’m heading on a plane for a vacation or just taking a road trip with the family, I find that there is a list of must-have items that I need to have with me when I’m away from home. These are items that really make my time away from home more comfortable and less stressful! From my phone charger to a facial spray, I find these items bring a little of home’s comforts to me!

So whether you’re planning on a big vacation, a business trip, or even a quick day trip with the kids, check out my list of useful Travel Essentials!

5 Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

1. Device chargers: Probably the most important thing I can take with me is my device chargers: phone chargers, tablet chargers, laptop chargers, etc. I don’t always bring my laptop with me on vacation but when I do, I need my charger or else the laptop will only be good for a few hours before running out of battery power.

2. Relevant contact info: Whether I’m heading to a children’s museum for a day trip or we’re embarking on a long road trip with many stops along the way, I like to have a piece of paper with me that has the addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation of all the places we’ll be visiting. Sometimes the phone will be out of power or the internet connection will be sketchy and so I like to have this contact info easily on hand so I can quickly reference it.

3. Medications: I like to have some common medicines with me at all times, so if I get struck with some heartburn or a nagging headache, I have the right medicines with me so I can feel better quickly.

4. Snacks: I never leave the house for any trip without snacks- mostly for my kids, but also for me, too. You never know when the 45 minute drive might turn to a 2-hour trek due to traffic, and I don’t want my kids (or myself) to get cranky from hunger. So I always have easy, portable snacks like crackers, dried fruits and nuts with me.

5. evian® Facial Spray: This is a product I discovered very recently, but I am definitely a fan of how this makes my skin feel! After travelling on a plane or car, my skin looks dry and tired, and my makeup usually needs a refresher, too! The fine mist produced by evian® actually penetrates the upper layers of the skin, and its unique mineral balance makes it suitable for all skin types! Each single spray of evian® releases several million micro-droplets to hydrate and refresh the skin. I love how the balance of minerals and neutral pH are so effective at quickly hydrating and toning my skin- definitely spruces up my skin post-travel!

evian Facial Spray

evian Facial Spray

It’s so easy to use, too! All I do is generously spray evian® all over my face and wait for it to be absorbed. Then I pat the excess dry! Sometimes I’ll spray it on bare skin to hydrate and tone, but sometimes I’ll spray it on top of my makeup to smooth out my complexion! The travel size bottle is perfect for throwing into my diaper bag or carry-on bag for quick touch-ups throughout the day! Also, a really neat fact is that the water contained in the spray is tested 300 times per day to insure quality and the consistent unique mineral content! If you’d like to try some of this spray for yourself, you can find them at Nordstrom, Sephora and the evian® website.
evian Facial Spray

evian Facial Spray

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by evian® Facial Spray, but all opinions are exclusively my own.

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33 Responses to “5 Travel Essentials”

  1. It’s funny that your first one is electronics chargers. The last trip I made, I took my phone, ipad and laptop and all the chargers. One heavy carry on!

    • EngineerMommy

      Yes, electronic devices are not all that useful once they run out of power. I learned that lesson the hard way a few years ago, when I forgot my laptop charger on a little vacation!
      Thanks for visiting, Carol!

  2. I actually just recently found Evian facial spray, as well. I love it so much & you are right – it’s the perfect travel companion 🙂

    • EngineerMommy

      The travel size of the Evian facial spray is such a great thing to throw in a bag. It feels so cooling on the skin, and I love the way it sets my makeup!
      Thanks for your comment, Alex!

  3. Great list! I have to agree with the chargers. Most of the time, my phone is close to dead, and I swear by the little pocket chargers! Of course, they need to be charged via my computer, which I also need a charger for 🙂

    • EngineerMommy

      Yep, we need a charger for the charger lol! Sounds about right for us, too! 🙂
      Thanks for visiting, Stephanie!

  4. I always have to check and double check that I have my meds. I forgot them on a trip once and I had to jump through some hoops to get them refilled. Thanks for the tips!

  5. I’ve tried and really like Evian facial spray. Thanks for the great tips, I forgot my Kindle charger on my last trip.

    • EngineerMommy

      Isn’t the Evian facial spray such an easy way to make the skin on your face feel fresh and renewed?! I love it!
      Thanks for visiting, Terri!

  6. I totally agree with you on device chargers and medications. I’ve left both behind and it makes for a very unpleasant time, especially when the medication is vital. Great traveling tips!

  7. I never knew that they made a face spray. I will have to check this out soon for next time I travel.

  8. I totally agree with you on the Evian spray. I used it once because I saw some celebrity used it and made such a difference! Your other tips are on point, too.

  9. I have not tried Evian spray. Looking forward to giving it a try. Thank You for sharing

  10. These are all essentials I have with me, too, when traveling, except for the last one. I’ve been wanting to try the Evian Facial Spray. I’ve heard such great things about it. I’m adding it to my travel essentials.

  11. Great to know! I don’t travel often, but I’m happy to hear what all I’d need if I were to! I want to try that Evian spray but I can’t find it in Canada!

  12. I never knew Evian had a facial spray. So cool. I could definitely use that when traveling. I never feel my best when traveling but this sounds fabulous!

  13. I have never heard of the Evian product before! I totally know that feeling after you have been traveling where you just feel the need to wash your face. But usually don’t have anywhere to do it. So this is perfect!

    • EngineerMommy

      Yes, I totally love this facial spray! It’s so practical to have this around when out and about!
      Thanks for visiting, Brittany!

  14. Having chargers is so important when traveling! Thanks for sharing the face spray, I wasn’t aware of this product before!

  15. Ah I wish my family traveled more often! I love finding new tricks and tips about traveling though! It will come in handy when We hit the road again 🙂

  16. You dont realize how drying the air on planes is until you start traveling frequently. My face always gets super dry.

  17. Oh, what a great tips! I always forget something, and it’s usually something small but incredibly important.

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