What You Don’t Want to Run Out of

October 6, 2015 22 By EngineerMommy

Last week, I found myself in a bit of a predicament! It was a pretty rainy Tuesday night and I was getting ready to bake a yummy strawberry cheesecake for my mom’s group. The group was supposed to meet the next morning and I was in charge of baking this cheesecake. Well, on Tuesday evening, when I reached into the cabinet to grab the sugar, I was surprised to find that the container felt kinda light to me! No, I cannot be out of sugar. I need to make this tonight! Lo and behold, it turns out the canister was basically empty. Meanwhile, there were torrential rains outside and it was almost time for Charlotte’s bedtime. I could not take these kids out at this hour to pick up sugar from the store. So I did what any reasonable person would do in this situation! I knocked on my neighbor’s door and asked her for sugar! Thankfully, she had plenty and I was able to bake my cheesecake that night! Whew!

Although running out of sugar when you need to bake a cake is very frustrating, it’s totally acceptable to ask a neighbor for sugar! You know what’s one thing that’s not really acceptable to ask a neighbor for? Toilet paper! Ha! Thankfully, I will never find myself out of toilet paper, thanks to the new Scott® 1100 pack from Sam’s Club®! #get100extra

What You Don’t Want to Run Out of

The Scott® 1100 pack is available online and in select clubs! I found mine in the aisle with all the paper goods.

What I love about the Scott® 1100 is that there are 100 extra sheets per roll! And with 36 rolls per pack, you can be sure you’re getting long-lasting value! It’s like getting 3 extra rolls- isn’t that fabulous?! And of course, the quality of the toilet paper is very high, just like what you’d expect from Scott® products! Oh, and if you have a septic system, fear not- this toilet paper is completely safe for septic systems!
Scott 1100

Scott® 1100

Check out this video to learn more!

I am a recent member of Sam’s Club®, and I have to say that I am loving my membership! We love going there and buying items in bulk! We have found that the membership fee more than paid for itself within a few weeks of shopping there! By buying things in bulk, we are saving so much money every month. Also, everything is so easy to find at Sam’s Club® and the employees are always so friendly & helpful!
Sam's Club® Membership

Sam’s Club® Membership

Before you head over to Sam’s Club®, be sure to download the FREE Ibotta app to earn $5 off Scott® 1000 Bonus Pack at Sam’s Club®! It’s so simple to do:

  • Find Sam’s Club® under Grocery!
  • Find Scott® 1000 offer.
  • Unlock the rebate!
  • Purchase the product at Sam’s Club®.
  • Scan your receipt and upload to the app.
  • Earn $5! Easy peasy!

Now, tell me in the Comments below: what is one thing you don’t want to ever run out of??

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