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Apr 152012

There is nothing more refreshing (and fun to drink, on a hot summer day) than a great glass of iced coffee! If you’ve ever made it at home, most likely you’ve realized that it is all too easy to make it too weak or too bitter. Great coffee is about finding a balance- a balance between the right proportions of ingredients. Additionally, the quality of the water and the duration of the brewing time all factor into your final flavor. After some personal research, here are my greatest iced coffee tips!

Iced coffee at home: amazing great-tasting time-saving iced coffee tips

  • In order to avoid the dreaded diluted, watered-down iced coffee effect, try doubling the amount of coffee you would normally use. This way, when the ice cubes melt, they won’t make you beverage taste over-diluted. As an alternative, use ice cubes made out of coffee.
  • If you sweeten your coffee, do it while the beverage is still hot so that the sweetener melts into the coffee more easily. If you forget to do so while the coffee is hot, use either a homemade sugar syrup or a commercial flavored coffee syrup.
  • Use a cocktail shaker to make extra frothy iced coffee drinks. If you are entertaining and serving iced coffee beverages, it is a nice touch to shake your drink in a cocktail shaker and then pour out the frothy, finished product. You can always use a handheld frother if you are really looking to add a significant amount of milk froth.
  • Consider using a cold brew method. Instead of the traditional way of making iced coffee (making regular hot coffee and then cooling it), you can cold-brew coffee. This typically consists of soaking coffee grounds in water overnight at fairly strong proportions and then straining out the coffee particles. This is a nice, elegant way of making iced coffee during the warm, summer months, when heating up water seems inconvenient.
  • Spice up your coffee. Consider adding cinnamon or cardamom to your iced coffee for an exotic, flavorful twist.

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