5 Screen-Free Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained

December 16, 2021 19 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Wondery. All opinions are mine alone.

I can’t believe we’re well into December already; this school year is literally flying by. With holiday break rapidly approaching, I’m on the lookout for fun, engaging ways to keep my kids entertained without a screen. I recently discovered Wondery’s Melon’s House Party and my kids absolutely love it! It’s a story-telling podcast for children that incorporates original musical elements for a fully-immersive experience. Keep reading to learn more about Melon’s House Party, as well as four other screen-free ways to keep kids entertained.

1. Musical Podcast for Kids

Melon’s House Party is perfect for kids between 5-12 years old with new episodes released every Wednesday. There is original, family-friendly music that complements the show’s storyline, making kids feel like they are right in the middle of all the action. Each episode is 30 minutes long, so it’s perfect for playing in the car while tackling errands around town or in the house while tackling chores, coloring, drawing, etc.

The premise behind Melon’s House Party is that the objects around the house sing and speak throughout the day, but only dogs can hear it. Melon is one such dog, who befriends all the items around her: the record player that’s always singing, the computer that’s missing a soul, the couch that’s her best friend, and more. As Melon learns more about the world, she teaches kids the importance of friendship and kindness. Sophia is a huge fan of the show!

Be sure to check out Melon’s House Party with your own kids. For the latest news & offers from Wondery Media, check out the brand on social media: Facebook and Instagram.

2. Arts & Crafts

Whether your child enjoys a coloring session or getting creative with glue, glitters & stickers, making something special together is always a fun family activity.

3. Nature Walk

We’ve been going on “nature walks” for years. The girls and I will take a walk through the neighborhood, keeping an eye out for specific treasures along the way: fallen leaves of a certain color, a unique branch, pretty flowers, pinecones and more. The girls will then bring home their favorite items and create a fun poster collage with them.

4. Baking & Cooking

Both of my daughters have expressed an interest in helping out in the kitchen. Whether I’m just making dinner on an average night or baking a special cake, I love to give them age-appropriate tasks so they can contribute to the final product. For example, my older one loves to help me measure ingredients while my younger one loves to mix everything together.

5. Playground Visit

A surefire way to keep the kids happy without a screen is to visit the local playground. Whether we go alone or with friends, spending some time out in the great outdoors, while getting physically active, is great for both the body and soul.

I hope this post inspired you with some easy ways to get the kids off their screens. Don’t forget to check out Melon’s House Party and let your kids experience this fun musical podcast for themselves! What is your favorite way to keep the kids entertained without a screen? 

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