Working from Home: 5 Tips to be Productive

April 6, 2020 14 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Ergo 21. All opinions are mine alone.

Now that the vast majority of the United States is self-isolating at home, many folks are finding themselves working from home for the first time ever. As a full-time blogger, I am quite familiar with the benefits – and pitfalls – of working from home. Today I’ll be sharing some useful tips to boost your productivity during quarantine. 

1. Get a comfortable seat cushion.

A fabulous seat cushion is essential when sitting at a desk for long hours. I love that these Ergo21 Seat Cushions have LiquiCell Technology. These liquid-filled membranes improve blood flow & circulation by 150%.

Perfect for drivers, home use, and office use, these cushions are a smart choice for anyone that needs to sit for prolonged periods of time. The Ergo21 cushions have been making this hard dining room chair so much more comfortable for me. 

These cushions can reduce fatigue, numbness & tail burn. It literally feels like I am sitting on clouds.

Thanks to the LiquiCell Technology, this cushion doesn’t flatten out like other cushions on the market. There’s even a travel version that’s perfect for car rides and longer road trips.

The extra padding and comfort helps to ensure proper spine alignment while riding in the car. To learn more about this product, check out the company’s blog here.

2. Follow a regular schedule.

Even though your work hours may be more flexible at home, it’s important to still follow a predictable work schedule. Start & end work at the same time every day. Not only will it help you maintain a good work-life balance, but it will also help you boost productivity.

3. Find a dedicated work space.

If you don’t have a separate home office, set aside a specific area of your home for getting work done. I recommend an area with less foot traffic, such as a spare bedroom or den.

4. Schedule breaks.

It’s important to set aside time every hour or two to get up and walk around. Even a walk around the house or a walk around the block would count. Getting your muscles moving and getting your heart rate up a bit is not only good for your physical well-being, but it will also boost your productivity when you return to work. 

5. Use a timer to track your work.

If you split up your work into smaller, more manageable tasks like I do, consider using a timer to keep yourself accountable. Have 20 minutes to finish editing that draft? Set the timer so you are forced to get it done on time. Keeping a timer by my desk has been an easy way to encourage myself to get more done in less time.

Don’t forget to learn more about Ergo 21 cushions here. Do you have any tips for working from home? How do you stay productive?

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