My Nighttime Routine

February 26, 2020 9 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Objective Wellness. All opinions are mine alone.

I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to my evenings. I find that the right evening routine helps me wind down at the end of the day & prepare my mind – and body – for sleep. By creating a nightly ritual that makes sense for you, you too can be inspired for a blissful bedtime night after night. 

Here’s what a typical evening looks like for me.

Make a list

As a work-at-home blogger, I am always somewhat connected to my website and social media channels. I’m always tying up loose ends in the evenings. One of the ways I like to wrap up my day’s work is to create a to-do list for the next day. Everything I accomplished that day is fresh in my mind, enabling me to identify exactly what needs to be tackled the next day. I usually consult my calendar too during this time to pinpoint upcoming deadlines. 

Read something

Reading is one of those evening habits that’s good for many reasons. Not only does it keep your mind sharp in a general sense, but it’s also a fabulous way to wind down & let your thoughts float away. Sometimes I’ll read something in an actual book, but sometimes I’ll read articles on my tablet or smartphone. Here’s a useful tip: if you look at your phone / tablet in the evenings, utilize a blue light blocking app to reduce the amount of blue light entering your eyes. Blue light is known to activate the nervous system – the opposite of what we want to accomplish at the end of the day!

Enjoy a sleep chocolate

Fast Asleep is a chocolate that helps you fall asleep – and stay asleep throughout the night. It contains GABA, which relaxes your mind to lull you to sleep while saffron keeps you asleep all night. By the way, I’m hosting a giveaway of this product on Instagram – check out my last post on Instagram here for details & entry requirements.

I really love that with Fast Asleep, no water is required – just eat one chocolate and that’s it! No middle-of-night bathroom breaks.

I also appreciate that this supplement is non-habit-forming and doesn’t cause sluggishness in the morning. I’ve experienced that with other sleep products on the market and it can be a real issue when it comes to productivity the next day. 

The general recommendation is to enjoy one piece of chocolate 30-60 minutes before bed.

Keep in mind that the brand has very high standards for what they produce. As an engineer myself, I love that all of their products are rooted in nature and backed by peer-reviewed clinical studies.

Take a bath

I’ve always been a bath lover. Not only is it incredibly relaxing to soak in the hot water, but it’s also a fun way to treat myself to sweet-smelling bath salts & essential oils. A great bath has the power to relax my muscles and relax my mind. 

Take care of my skin.

Some may view an evening skincare routine as an annoying chore, but I see it as another way to pamper myself. First, I remove all my makeup using a micellar cleansing water (it dissolves makeup without drying the skin.) Then I use a water-based cleaner to remove any remaining oil or dirt on the skin. A toner & serum are the next steps to hydrate the skin and target specific issues. Finally, a rich night cream can help seal in the effects of all the prior steps, preparing your skin for a night of renewal. 

Don’t forget the details

To moisturize my hands while I sleep, I like to slather on a rich cream and then wear gloves overnight. I also apply a lip mask (or super rich lip balm) on my lips to hydrate them. My hair deserves some attention too, so I will sometimes spray on a leave-in conditioner. It doesn’t need to be rinsed out, so I’ll spray some on the ends of my hair and then brush it through. 

I hope my evening routine inspires you to create one for yourself! Don’t forget to learn more about Fast Asleep here. Do you have a nightly routine? Does it look anything like mine?


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