Essential Tools for Blogging Success

March 9, 2020 20 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for PowerDeWise. All opinions are mine alone.

Blogging is much more popular nowadays than when I first started this blog many years ago. As an experienced blogger, I have written thousands of posts and worked with hundreds of brands over the years. Today I’m going to share some essential gadgets for both the newbie blogger & the experienced blogger. From an all-in-one machine to a high-quality microphone, here are some of my essential tools for blogging success.

Before we get to the official list, I’m going to assume that everyone already has a computer and smartphone, so I’m not including those in my list. However, both of those items are definite must-haves when it comes to launching and running a successful blog. When choosing a computer, find one with enough resources to handle both editing photos/videos and multi-tasking with multiple programs at once. 

1. DSLR Camera

When I first started, I can’t believe I blogged for a few years without a professional camera. My photos in those early years were comparatively much grainier than my current photos. Making the switch to a DSLR camera was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my blogging career. Admittedly, learning to shoot in manual mode was intimidating at first but once I learned how to properly adjust f-stop, ISO levels and aperture settings, my photos improved tremendously. Oh, and another important purchase was buying an extra Li-ion battery for my DSLR camera. You won’t believe just how many times I seemed to run out of battery power at the worst possible moment. If I didn’t have a backup battery, all my work would come to a standstill,  but thanks to the extra battery, I was able to do a quick swap and keep productivity up!

2. Microphone

One trend I’ve noticed in recent years is the increase in demand for high-quality videos. In order to create videos that engage the audience, one must capture high-quality audio.

I’ve been loving the Lavalier Microphone from PowerDeWise. Since it’s a plug-and-play device, you simply plug it in – there are no drivers needed! 

If you are using the microphone to record on a DSLR camera or PC/laptop, use the adapter that’s included with the mic. If you are using the microphone to record on an iPhone, use the adapter that came with your iPhone. 

I especially love the rotating clip that makes it convenient to point the mic in any direction. The included extension cord also ensures that you can set up your mic wherever it’s convenient for you! Oh, and the adorable carrying pouch keeps your mic safe and protected during travel. 

Keep in mind that the built-in microphones on many devices (cameras, phones, laptops, etc.) offer a very low sound quality so you will want an external mic to take your videos to the next level. Whether you’re recording from home or recording outdoors on-the-go (the included wind muffs help to reduce background noise,) this Lavalier Mic is a smart addition to any blogger’s toolbox.

If you have any issues on how to use the mic, you can ask the support team of the PowerDeWise company. Use the following link to save some money on this mic!

Check out this video below to see the mic in action!


3. External Hard Drive

Files are the bread-and-butter of my blogging business. I have accumulated thousands and thousands of important files over the years, including images, videos, documents, contracts, and more. Backing up my files on a regular basis offers me peace of mind in case my laptop fails one day. 

4. Domain & Hosting

Sure, it’s possible to get a free website set up via Blogger or WordPress in no time. However, will it look professional? Probably not. Owning your own domain and hosting your own site is essential nowadays. Also, be sure to choose a .com domain name (even if other extensions are on sale) because they are the most well-respected in the industry. 

5. Photo Editing Software

I’ve had to edit photos for so many reasons over the years. Sometimes it’s as simple as cropping an image, because the clutter in the far corner of the image is unnecessary and distracting. Sometimes it’s because the brand doesn’t want another brand’s logo in the image, so I’ll have to blur out the competing brand’s logo. Getting familiar with a photo editing app/software is important but can be time-consuming; there is often a learning curve when using these tools.

6. All in One Machine

Being able to scan & print documents is crucial in any blogger’s daily tasks. Sometimes a brand will send a contract that needs to be printed out, signed, and scanned back into the system. Having a reliable all-in-one machine that can perform these tasks, along with a few extra cartridges of printer ink, is essential.

7. Photo Props

If you’re new to the blogging world, you may have no idea what this means. Well photo props are simply props that are used to set the scene when taking a photo. Taking a photo of an ice cream milkshake? Well, maybe some colorful napkins, a flowery straw and a vintage spoon can help to give the picture some context. Taking a photo of a beauty product? Maybe some makeup brushes and a few extra lipsticks can bring the image to life. Having a basket – or closet – full of photo props can be valuable as you begin to take more and more photos for your blogging business.

Don’t forget to learn more about the Lavalier Microphone by clicking here. Did I miss any blogging essentials in my list? What do you consider your most valuable tool?

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