Beaded Bracelets: A Low-Cost High-Impact Fun DIY

July 28, 2020 9 By EngineerMommy

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I love a good dollar store DIY and this one is a fun one. Have you ever seen those containers of tiny glass beads at Dollar Tree? Well I decided to grab a few different colors and try my hand at DIY Beaded Bracelets.

What I love most about these bracelets is that the beads are sooo super tiny. The tiny size of the beads makes it a bit more time-consuming to thread them onto the string, but the final look is more refined, dainty and delicate.

I wound up making a bunch of different bracelets and eventually, I combined them together using the hardware of an old bracelet. So I only needed to clasp it once and I still have the look of 5-7 bracelets. To start, you’ll need a bunch of the glass beads and your string of choice (more on that next.)

What string material is best for beaded bracelets?

I actually tried three different strings and I’ll share the pros & cons of each of the options.

Beaded Bracelets Using Sewing Thread

I tried regular sewing thread first and although it’s cheap and easy to find, it frayed all too easily (even after continuously cutting the thread.) So I would not recommend sewing thread for this application.

By the way, to secure it in the back, you can string both ends of the thread through one bead. Then you can loosen or expand it as necessary.

Beaded Bracelets Using Jewelry Wire

This was better than the thread. Obviously the wire didn’t fray at all. Plus, since the wire is stiff, it was easier to actually place these tiny beads right onto the wire. However, once the beads were on the wire, the overall bracelet didn’t fall naturally – it had a stiff round appearance. Of course, jewelry wire comes in multiple gauges and I probably had a thicker one on hand. So if you want to get a jewelry wire specifically for beading, that would work well. 

Beaded Bracelets Using Dental Floss

Yes, you read that right. Dental floss for the win in this application! Not only did dental floss not fray, but it also allowed the beads to drape & fall naturally.

So bottom line is the dental floss worked the best for me. However, jewelry beading wire is a great second choice option. 

So when you’re looking to flex your creative muscles this summer and want a low-cost, high-impact fun DIY, try making your own Beaded Bracelets!

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