5 Smart Ways to Add Balance to your Life

August 4, 2020 26 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Seed. All opinions are mine alone.

When it comes to physical, mental and emotional health, achieving balance is an important goal. Today I’ll be discussing five actionable ways to find balance in your life from your gut health to your usage of technology. I’ll be discussing my love for the Seed Daily Synbiotic (you may remember I wrote about them here in this post) and I’ll be dispelling a few common myths about probiotics too. If you’re striving for balance in your everyday life, keep reading.

Finding Balance: Gut Health

Maintaining a proper balance of gut flora is essential for overall health. One of the best ways to improve gut health is by taking probiotics but there is still quite a bit of confusion out there. Which probiotic is best? What is a prebiotic and do I need one? Are the CFUs the only number you need to compare two brands of probiotics? If you’ve had some of these questions, keep reading and I’ll shed some light on this topic and discuss my experience with Seed’s Daily Synbiotic blend.

Some people think that a probiotic is only beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract but that’s only part of the story. An effective probiotic can have far more wide-reaching effects. Since the systems within the human body are all interconnected, powerful benefits can be felt across the entire body. In fact, the effects of a Seed Daily Synbiotic can be seen in digestive health*, skin health*, gut immune function*, gut barrier integrity*, heart health*, and micronutrient synthesis*.

It’s a common misconception that simply having some yogurt every day provides enough probiotics. You might have ingested some bacteria, but do you know which strains? In what quantities? Have they survived the acidic journey through your digestive system and landed in your colon? Have those strains been studied, in those quantities, to actually do something in your body? 

Many folks believe that the number of colony-forming units (CFUs) tells the whole story about a probiotic’s efficacy, but in fact, the specific strains present, as well as the relative amounts of each strain, are all essential in creating an effective blend. Seed has formulated a synbiotic that works!* Specifically, Seed quantifies the total viable cells in their capsules, including ones that are efficacious yet not easily or definitively culturable (these would not normally be counted in the traditional CFU measurement.)

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the Daily Synbiotic is the unique nested capsule design. The Probiotic Inner Capsule contains a proprietary formulation of strains, which have been validated in 23+ clinical studies.* The Prebiotic Outer Capsule consists of punicalagins, which are compounds that have been isolated from Indian pomegranate. This 2-in-1 capsule technology is designed to protect against harsh stomach acid, ensuring that the bacteria make it safely to the colon.

With their convenient subscription option of $49.99 per month, you can make sure you never run out of probiotics. The kit comes with a sleek refillable glass jar and a glass travel vial, so it’s easy to keep your synbiotic capsules with you at home and on the go. By the way, their formulation is vegan & gluten-free and free of meat, dairy, corn, soy, binders and fillers.

I can confidently say that I’ve noticed quite a few improvements after taking the Seed Daily Synbiotic. My skin tone looks smoother and more even. My energy and overall mood has improved too. I experience no bloating or GI discomfort. Overall, I’m thrilled to continue taking my Seed Daily Synbiotic for the foreseeable future.

Finding Balance: Technology Use

With all the time spent indoors over the past few months, many of us have turned to social media to keep us entertained. However, it’s so important to disconnect from technology on a regular basis. Aim for a few hours per day or even a full day once per week, where you don’t turn on your phone, computer, tablet or TV. Give your mind a much-needed break.

Finding Balance: Schedules

When we pack our schedules full of activities, appointments and commitments, we have no time left for ourselves. Learn to be ruthless with what you take on. In order to achieve balance and better manage your everyday life, turn down anything that isn’t essential or doesn’t add something valuable to your life. Learning to say “no” more often has always been a work in progress for me.

Finding Balance: Personal Time 

Carving out some “me time” every day is essential, even if it’s just for 15 minutes every day. Make time for the things that bring you peace, joy or comfort. If you can’t think of what to do, some ideas include meditating, drawing, practicing yoga, indulging in your favorite TV shows, kicking back with a magazine, etc.

Finding Balance: Relationships

Get creative and make time for your loved ones. Rather than just sit in front of the television with them, try to actually connect and bond in a meaningful way. Have an at-home dinner date with your spouse, meet your best friend for a walk in the park, play freeze tag with your child… create beautiful memories rather than just pass the time together.

Don’t forget to learn more about the Seed Daily Synbiotic here to find out how it can help you achieve improved wellness.* Have you heard of Seed before? Do you take any daily supplements?

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