The 7 Most Common Living Room Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

May 28, 2020 8 By EngineerMommy

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Designing a living room doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little common sense and some general guidelines, anyone can create a space that’s inviting, balanced and pleasing to the eye. Today I’m sharing some common living room mistakes – and actionable ways to avoid them. Have you committed any of these mistakes?

1. Using a rug that’s too small

One of the most common offenses is using a rug that’s not the right size for the given space. Many living rooms across America feature rugs that are disproportionately small. Indeed large rugs can be costly but the alternative is a space that just feels “off.” The majority of living rooms require a rug that’s at least 8’x10′ but it should be even larger if you have a spacious living room. I’m in love with the Moroccan pattern on this rug! Save those 4’x6′ rugs for the entryway or bedroom.

2. Pushing the furniture against the wall

It sounds like common sense – push all the furniture against the wall and you will have more space in the center, making the room feel larger. However, the opposite is often true. If you bring the furniture away from the wall a bit, you can create little the feeling of a bigger space.

3. Having too many accessories

Who doesn’t enjoy a funky plant or pretty picture frame? However, if your living room has too many accessories, it creates a cluttered vibe – and nothing will bring down the look of your space faster. Keep accessories to a minimum for a more refine, elegant look. A piece like this one with closed storage is a good idea to stow away all those things that inevitably make their way to the living room. 

4. Sticking with only one furniture style

When we only use one design style, the room can indeed feel coherent but it often feels less interesting and engaging. A good design plan includes mixing and matching different styles: antique rugs, modern light fixtures, eclectic art, etc. This can create a living room with more visual interest. Even just mixing two design styles is better than sticking with only one.

5. Not taking function into account

Do you have young kids with tons of small toys in the living room? Own any pets? Don’t neglect to take the way your family lives in the space. A coffee table with built-in hidden storage can be a smart choice for families with young kids. Families with pets are probably better off with a leather sofa (can be wiped easily) than a light-colored microfiber one.

6. Being afraid of color

You don’t have to paint every wall a bright fuschia pink, but you can add some color into your space in small, yet meaningful, ways. Looking to create a nautical vibe in your living room? Add aqua blue or turquoise accents via throw pillows, art work or even a rug. Rich colors can bring your room to life.

7. Hanging artwork too high on the wall

Many folks tend to hang artwork too high on the wall. The truth is that art work should be placed at eye level. And while we’re on the topic of artwork, make sure your art pieces are not too small for the space. A group of smaller pieces can work just as well as one larger piece in general.

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