7 Major Reasons to Get a Dash Cam This Year

November 17, 2020 16 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Cobra. All opinions are mine alone. #dashcamnov

In recent years, dash cams have become quite popular among driving enthusiasts and everyday folks looking for some peace of mind behind the wheel. Now that the holiday season is right around the corner, a dash cam also makes an excellent gift for any driver on your shopping list. Today I’m so excited to tell you all about the Cobra SC 201 Dual-View Smart Dash Cam; I received it recently and I’ve been really enjoying this car essential.

Before I get to all the details about this specific model and why it’s a fantastic car companion, let’s first start with 7 great reasons why you need to have a dash cam in your car. 

  1. Keep a record of what happened in the event of an accident. Never rely on another driver’s account of what happened during an accident. With a dash cam, there’s visual proof of the incident.
  2. Document any interactions with authorities. Some dash cams nowadays allow you to record footage inside the cabin, in addition to the front-view, so you can document any interactions with law enforcement in case you get pulled over.
  3. Save money on auto insurance claims. Some, but not all, insurance providers will offer a discount on car insurance premiums to drivers who have a dash cam. Check with your provider to find out if this applies to you.
  4. Monitor other drivers of your vehicle. Do you have a teenager who drives your car? Or maybe you lend your car to a friend every so often? With a dash cam, it’s easy to monitor how your vehicle is being operated.
  5. It’s an affordable & practical car accessory. Long gone are the days, where dash cams are large, unsightly or expensive. Nowadays you can find a high-quality sleek dash cam at a very affordable price point. Plus, setting them up in the car takes almost no time.
  6. Document a road trip. Going on a fun trip by car? A dash cam can be a fun way to take awesome footage of a scenic drive with the family.
  7. Take still images. Taking photos of a memorable scene is super easy with a dash cam. Many dash cams have a still image feature to instantly snap a great pic!

As I mentioned previously, we recently received the Cobra SC 201 Dual-View Smart Dash Cam with Built-In Cabin View. This gadget is actually equipped with dual cameras, so I can monitor both the front-view and interior cabin-view of the vehicle at all times. This provides full coverage of the road ahead and behind the vehicle. Impressive, right? Plus, thanks to infrared cabin night vision and full HD recording capability, all video captured is high resolution & crystal clear, regardless of the lighting conditions. 

As I was setting up the dash cam in the car, I also installed the Drive Smarter app to take advantage of a myriad of community alerts, including red-light cameras, road conditions and more. In addition to community alerts, the Drive Smarter app makes it possible to view a Live Feed of your dash cam view and also to customize many settings of your dash cam.

This Cobra Dash Cam features a built-in 2″ LCD display, which provides a convenient, high-quality view of the recording. By the way, in the event of an accident, it’s possible to instantly share the policy number, event specifics and recorded footage from the dash cam directly with the insurance company. In addition, there is another smart feature called the Mayday Alert, which will send an automatic text message to your emergency contact. 

By the way, installation and setup couldn’t have been any easier. The device comes equipped with a 16GB MicroSD Card, adhesive mount, and a vehicle power adapter. Simply mount the camera on your windshield, power it up using the included adapter, and drive with peace of mind. One more thing! The automatic recording and shutdown means you don’t even have to think about it. Just set it up once and forget about it! 


Don’t forget to check out the Cobra Dual-View Smart Dash Cam for yourself or a loved one this holiday season. Do you have a dash cam? Would you like the convenience and peace of mind of having one?

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