5 Reasons Why Goodtimer Makes a Great Holiday Gift

November 26, 2020 8 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Goodtimer. All opinions are mine alone.

The holidays will be here before we realize it. Are you still looking for a great holiday gift for a family with young children? Or maybe you’ve been looking for a smart solution to encourage positive behavior in your own kids at home? Well Goodtimer is a smart choice and this upcoming weekend is the best time to pick up this interactive, educational toy.

What exactly is Goodtimer? It’s an interactive electronic educational toy that encourages your child to make good decisions throughout the day. It’s super easy to incorporate Goodtimer into your family routine and Goodtimer seamlessly keeps track of the “Good Time” earned by your children. 

Here are 5 solid reasons why Goodtimer makes a great holiday gift:

1. It’s easy to set up!

Setting up Goodtimer couldn’t be any simpler. It comes equipped with everything needed to get going right away. Goodtimer tracks your child’s performance throughout the day, providing positive feedback for good behavior. It even dispenses tangible incentives (tokens of varying values) that motivate your child to continue making good decisions.

2. It’s fun & interactive!

Unlike other methods that can be quite uninspiring, Goodtimer is downright fun for children. Goodtimer visually displays your child’s “Good Time” performance with 12 glowing segments; as the child accrues more “good time” throughout the day, more segments illuminate. Kids earn tokens for the good behavior; saving and spending these tokens gives kids a sense of independence and confidence. Parents can decide ahead of time what each token can be redeemed for, such as one hour of screen time or a trip to the playground, for example.

3. It’s effective!

Goodtimer simply works! By encouraging kids to make positive decisions and motivating good behavior, Goodtimer provides results! When your child is making good choices, they turn on Goodtimer by flipping it right-side up. The device plays a positive sound and “good time” starts accruing. With Goodtimer, the child is intrinsically motivated to be on his/her best behavior. Yelling and tantrums are a thing of the past!

4. It’s customizable!

Goodtimer can be customized in a number of ways for each family. With the included book, parents can determine what incentives can be redeemed for each token value. It’s a system that can be personalized to each family’s values and goals. 

5. It’s affordable!

Goodtimer has always been affordable, but now is the best time to pick up Goodtimer. There is an amazing Black Friday Cyber Monday promotion that will start on Thanksgiving morning and continue through Cyber Monday. During this time, you can pick up Goodtimer for only $48, which is a significant savings from its typical price. Just use the promo code: GIVE40

Maybe you’re looking to start 2021 with a household gadget that can make it fun for your child to make positive decisions? Or maybe you know a family that has been struggling with behavior issues and can benefit from Goodtimer? Discover how Goodtimer can help promote good behavior during bedtime, homework time, sibling interactions, and throughout the whole day.  

Don’t forget to take advantage of the fantastic Black Friday Cyber Monday promotion on Goodtimer coming up this weekend. How would someone you know benefit from Goodtimer? 

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