5 Makeup Mistakes To Stop Making Today

July 22, 2020 0 By EngineerMommy

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Do you make any of these common makeup mistakes? Find out if you should abandon some of these all-too-popular makeup and beauty blunders. 

1. Washing your face too often

Every time we wash our face, the skin dries out a little. It’s important not to wash one’s face too often or too vigorously. In fact, many people find that washing once a day in the evenings is sufficient to remove makeup and built-up dirt/oils. Of course if you’re working out during the day and sweating profusely, extra face cleansing is important.

2. Applying makeup in the dark

When we apply makeup in less-than-ideal light, we cannot see the true appearance of the makeup on our face. If possible, apply your makeup near an open window so you can get some sunlight to shine brightly on your face.

3. Using too much foundation

It’s a common mistake – caking too much foundation on the skin. However, nothing looks worse than a thick, obvious layer of foundation on the skin. Switching to a light, sheer application will look more natural and more flattering for people of all ages. While we’re on the topic of foundation, make sure you’re using one that’s a perfect match to your skin tone.

4. Applying too much blush all over the cheeks

It’s true that a nice blush can really help add the finishing touch to your makeup look. However, do not apply blush all over the cheeks. Instead, apply some on the apples of your cheeks and blend thoroughly.

5. Putting lipstick on bare lips

Applying lipstick right on bare lips is actually a pretty common mistake. While it’s quick and easy to swipe on some color, the overall effect winds up looking a bit dry. Some beauty gurus recommend using a bit of foundation on the lips before lipstick. While that reduces the likelihood of lipstick bleeding, it doesn’t make the lips look soft and healthy. I like adding a bit of light moisturizer to the lips before lipstick. The result? Supple, hydrated lips that look healthy!

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