2-Ingredient Skin Toner

October 22, 2020 9 By EngineerMommy

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Do you use a skin toner? Find out why it’s a smart addition to your nightly skin cleansing routine and how you can make your own DIY version, using just two simple ingredients!

Do I need a skin toner?

While not absolutely necessary, a skin toner is a great idea. After cleansing, the pH of the skin usually slightly off. Using a skin toner is an easy, convenient way to normalize the skin’s pH. In addition to balancing the pH of the skin, a toner also helps to remove excess dirt, makeup and oil.  

Will a toner help to moisturize the skin?

A toner is not intended to add hydration to the skin. However, when spritzed directly onto skin, a toner can help to replenish some moisture, especially when applied prior to a moisturizer. 

Can a toner infuse the skin with antioxidants?

When you make your own toner, as I will show you here in this post, you can definitely add extra vitamins and botanicals to your toner step. Simply add herbs, green tea or the right essential oils to your toner for an extra boost for your skin. 

How do I make my own skin toner? 

It’s so easy and quick to make your own skin toner. This toner is amazing for oily skin. While the green tea helps to fight inflammation, the apple cider vinegar helps to bring back your skin’s pH to an optimal level. 

Simply combine:

*3 tablespoons green tea (steeped)

*1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

Steep the green tea bag in hot water and let cool. Add the apple cider vinegar and combine thoroughly. Apply with a cotton pad. Avoid the eye area. 

When should I apply face toner?

The best time to apply face toner is right after cleansing your face, but before applying a serum or moisturizer.

The apple cider vinegar stings on my skin. Can I use something else instead? 

Witch hazel (sold in a bottle at most pharmacies) is a great substitute for the apple cider vinegar. Witch hazel can be applied directly to the skin.

Do I need to rinse my skin after applying the toner?

No, the toner does not need to be washed off the face. Simply proceed as normal with the rest of your skincare routine. 

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