A Smart Healthcare Solution for Older Adults

August 27, 2019 28 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Amerigroup. All opinions are mine alone.

I once heard a saying that rang so true to me… the most important things in life are not things. I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. To me, what I value most in my life are the relationships I have with the people around me. My mom, for example, has sacrificed so much for me over the years and today I want to share a bit about why she means the world to me. I’m also discussing how we’re planning for her future, featuring Amerigroup healthcare services. 

I can’t believe it has already been a few years since my father passed away. Being both a daddy’s girl and an only child, I was devastated by his passing. However, time is healing that wound and while he’ll always be in my heart, I need to be present for my own kids, my husband and my mom. Today, my mom and I are closer than ever and for that, I’m grateful!

I have helped to take care of her physically and emotionally for a while. It was my turn to help support her in every way I can… after all, she has been my rock for my whole life. 

I remember one semester back in college in particular. I had to attend a physics lecture on Monday evenings from 6-9 pm in NYC. When class was over, I had to take the train back home. My mom would come with me and hang out at a local coffee shop for three full hours every single week. She never missed a week! She did that so I wouldn’t have to take the train alone at night. To say she is selfless would be an understatement. I would say she lived for her family and always thought of ways to make us feel special & loved.

Even as a grandmother, she is an amazing woman. Both of my daughters look up to her and love spending time with her. 

When I think about my mom’s future, I want to make sure that she’s comfortable & happy and that she has everything she needs for a healthy lifestyle. One concern of mine is transportation. Since she doesn’t drive, she typically walks to the services she needs, such as the bank, doctor’s office, supermarket, etc. Another concern of mine is home health safety. As she is getting older, I worry about her balance and her ability to get housework done safely. Occasionally, we will sit down and discuss her plans for the future.

I recently discovered that Amerigroup offers Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement products. These services can be a valuable partner in the healthcare of older adults. In addition to offering my mom the tools, resources & coverage she needs, these plans offer me the peace of mind that my mom is well taken care. I appreciate that Amerigroup is committed to improving the health & well-being of their consumers through a whole-person approach. Indeed, their high-quality, affordable healthcare services are a smart choice for adults in their later years. 

Did you know that Amerigroup’s Medicare Advantage health plans offer access to a wide variety of wellness services? This includes healthy food delivery, which is such an awesome service for older adults who may not have the mobility to drive/walk easily. Amerigroup also offers the services of personal home helpers to assist with everyday activities in the house. Alternative medicine services, such as acupuncture, are also available. I love that Amerigroup recognizes that various modalities can work in tandem to improve a person’s well-being. 

In order to encourage healthier lifestyles, Amerigroup strives to reduce barriers and make it easier for consumers to tackle everyday health issues. Delivering meals right to consumers and offering assistive devices makes it possible for older adults to better manage their chronic conditions. In turn, these services also encourage them to be more active in their community and even avoid preventable health-related accidents.

If you’re an older adult or you take care of one, don’t forget to learn more about how Amerigroup offers the coverage & resources to help during the later years. Do you take care of anyone?

Thank you to Amerigroup for sponsoring this conversation.

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