Making Memories

February 7, 2019 24 By EngineerMommy

This post was sponsored by OREO as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

As a busy entrepreneur & mom of two, life can be hectic at times. That’s why I am always looking for simple ways to make special memories with my daughters. Sometimes we go out and explore a museum or visit a new playground. However, sometimes we like to stay indoors and simply celebrate the simple pleasure of sharing a delicious snack. One of my family’s favorite treats is OREO Cookies, so when I discovered that they are launching two NEW flavors (Dark Chocolate and Carrot Cake) this year, I knew we would have to try them.

OREO Cookies actually bring me back to my own childhood. I remember coming home from school after a long commute on a NYC bus and sitting with my mom in the dining room. I would have a glass of milk with a few OREO Cookies (Original variety) and we would chat it up. For me, OREO Cookies are associated with comfort, tradition and deliciousness! While there are many memories from my childhood that hold a special place in my heart, this one in particular always stands out!

Since OREO Cookies are so nostalgic for me, I was super excited to find out there’s two new flavors available this year. The Dark Chocolate flavor features dark chocolate-flavored creme that’s sandwiched between two classic OREO chocolate wafers. With this cookie, you can embrace the delicious darkness and add a dose of fun excitement to the cold days of winter.

The Carrot Cake flavor is a fun, new twist on the favorite cookie of millions of people. With these OREO Carrot Cake cookies, you can enjoy these delicious cookies filled with cream cheese frosting flavored creme.

One of the times my daughters and I enjoy a simple moment together is after school. They are usually craving a snack and I want to hear all about their day. So I offer them a few OREO Cookies… and we chat and we laugh and we catch up. It’s really a beautiful tradition! Sophia’s favorite flavor is definitely Dark Chocolate.

I sometimes help with her homework if she has a question or confusion.

Charlotte’s favorite flavor is definitely Carrot Cake. She has always loved traditional carrot cake, so OREO Carrot Cake is a big hit with her.

She absolutely loves the flavor of the cream cheese frosting flavored creme.

If you love OREO cookies as much as we do, be sure to look for the OREO Stuf Inside event going on at Walmart stores throughout the country. Between February 14th and February 17th, OREO will be holding exciting events for a chance to play fun games, win great prizes, and try the new OREO flavors for themselves! I’ll be attending one near me (I can’t wait) and I will share my experience on the blog in a few weeks. Celebrate “The Stuf Inside” with Walmart this February!

Click here to find a location near you for the OREO Stuf Inside event at Walmart. Have you tried one of the new flavors of OREO Cookies? Which is your favorite OREO Cookie flavor?


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