5 Things I’ve Learned About My Mom Recently

November 13, 2019 17 By EngineerMommy

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In the past few years, I’ve learned so many new things about my mom. We’ve been spending more time together ever since my dad passed away. I actually discussed my relationship with her here and here. Today I’ll be sharing five surprising facts I’ve learned about my mom recently, as well as discussing Amerigroup’s Medicare Advantage Plans.

1. She worries about the future sometimes.

My mom has some anxiety about the future, her healthcare options and whether she’ll have the right coverage for her needs. Will she have enough money to pay for her expenses? Will the coverage be adequate for the medical care she needs? These are the types of questions she has had – I’m sure they’re common in the minds of many older individuals. My mom and I have discussed these concerns a lot over the past few months. Did you know that Amerigroup can be a valuable partner in the health and well-being of older individuals? In fact, they provide Medicare Advantage plans that provide high-quality, affordable healthcare coverage. By the way, Medicare annual enrollment for Medicare-eligible folks ends December 7th, so those interested in applying should act soon!

2. Her dietary restrictions can be confusing.

In addition to a low-sodium diet, my mom also follows additional dietary restrictions. Sometimes we’ll meet for lunch and she’ll be genuinely confused about which foods are compliant with all of her restrictions. I love that nutritional support & education is one of the new service options offered by Amerigroup in 2020. This is in addition to delivery of healthy pantry staples! What an awesome way to make sure older Americans are informed and empowered to make smart food choices!

3. She doesn’t like to be alone.

Unlike myself, my mom has always been naturally outgoing. However, ever since my dad passed away, her need to be around others has been heightened – and understandably so. She regularly attends the local senior center, which holds workshops, classes and social events for older folks. I recently discovered that Amerigroup also offers the option for adult day center visits to help combat loneliness and to encourage socialization. I really appreciate that Amerigroup takes a whole-person approach to the well-being of individuals.

4. She needs help to make decisions.

My mom can easily get overwhelmed if she is presented with too many options. She appreciates it when I sit down with her and explain all her choices. We’ve been discussing some concerns about her healthcare coverage recently. In addition to nutritional support, Amerigroup is also giving members the option of service dog support or pest control for 2020. This is in addition to the options of health-related transportation services, home aides to help with everyday activities and access to alternative medicine treatments (acupuncture, for example.) We love spending time together and I’m always happy to explain her options to her.

5. She loves doing crossword puzzles.

One of our favorite things to do together is to sit down with the tablet & our favorite drinks and work on a crossword together. Not only is it a great bonding experience for us, but it also helps to sharpen our minds.

If you’re a care-taker or if you are eligible for Medicare yourself, consider Amerigroup for your health insurance coverage. Amerigroup knows that in order for people to live better lives, it’s important to make it easier for them to access the resources that help manage everyday health concerns. By taking a whole-person approach, Amerigroup is helping individuals better manage chronic conditions, interact more fully with their community and even reduce the likelihood of health-related incidents.

Don’t forget that December 7 is the last day of annual enrollment so those that are eligible for Medicare should act quickly! Have you heard about Amerigroup’s new offerings? Do you help to take care of an older relative?

Thank you to Amerigroup for sponsoring this conversation.

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