5 Reasons to Add a Synbiotic to your Routine

November 11, 2019 24 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Seed. All opinions are mine alone.

Gut health is a term that has gained so much popularity in recent years – and for good reason. Keeping one’s gut in top shape can have positive consequences for so many bodily systems. Despite all the publicity & products claiming to provide probiotics, there is still quite a bit of confusion out there about probiotics. Today I’ll share some useful information about probiotics, how Seed is changing the game and why you need their Daily Synbiotic.

I’ve been personally impressed not only by the research that goes into Seeds’ products but also by the thoroughness with which they educate their affiliates & influencers. In order to partner with them and bring you today’s post, I actually had to take a comprehensive course and pass a final exam. Seed is serious about education – and they’re serious about probiotic efficacy. Their Daily Synbiotic formulation combines both a probiotic and prebiotic. It’s vegan & gluten-free and includes 24 clinically-studied bacteria strains that live up to the highest standards. Their products are also free from meat, dairy, corn, soy, binders and fillers. 

Let’s take a look at five reasons to consider adding a synbiotic to your daily routine.

1. Multi-Faceted Benefits

A common misconception about probiotics is that they only benefit the gastrointestinal tract. Yes, about 3/4 of Americans suffer from gastrointestinal issues and the effects of probiotics can be readily seen on the GI system. However, the benefits of a probiotic are far more wide-reaching than that. The human body is completely interconnected and the gastroninteststinal system lies at the center of it all. It influences everything else, providing powerful benefits across the entire body. Specifically, the effects of a Seed synbiotic can be seen in digestive health*, skin health*, gut immune function*, gut barrier integrity*, heart health*, and micronutrient synthesis*. 

2. The Importance of Precision 

It’s true that probiotics can be found in yogurt and kombucha. In fact, nowadays there are even probiotic chocolate bars and probiotic iced teas on the shelves. However, did you know that many of the products out there that claim to be probiotics don’t scientifically qualify as one? The scientific definition of probiotic is as follows: “live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.” However, just because a product contains microorganisms doesn’t means it satisfies the technical definition of a probiotic. Which strains are ingested? In which quantities? Did they survive the journey to the colon? Are they beneficial in the quantities ingested? These are the types of questions that cannot be answered when consuming the majority of food products marketed as probiotic-rich. The science of probiotics demands precision – and Seed has that all figured out! Their synbiotic has been designed to deliver a specific quantity of beneficial bacteria to the colon, where the bacteria can confer health benefits.*

3. Quality Over Quantity

Many bottles of probiotics nowadays tout the number of colony-forming units (CFUs) right on the bottle, but that total number does not provide the full story. The specific strains present, as well as the relative amounts of each strain, are all very important in formulating an efficacious blend. Seed has studied the nuances of different strains and formulated a synbiotic that works!* In fact, Seed quantifies the total viable cells in their capsules, including ones that are efficacious yet not easily or definitively culturable (these would not be counted in the traditional CFU measurement, and culturing individual strains in a multi-strain probiotic is no easy task.) Another thing that sets Seed’s Daily Synbiotic apart from their competitors is the proven survivability of the bacteria. Thanks to nested capsule technology and a patented algae delivery system, the beneficial bacteria are able to stay viable throughout the digestive process as shown in a state of the art simulated digestive system model. 

4. A Well-Designed Capsule

The Daily Synbiotic has been intelligently designed. The Probiotic Inner Capsule contains a unique formulation of strains with proven results, which have been validated in 23+ clinical studies.* The Prebiotic Outer Capsule consists of punicalagins, which are compounds that have been isolated from Indian pomegranate. This 2-in-1 capsule technology, along with the patented algae delivery system, is designed to protect against stomach acid, helping the bacteria make it safely to the colon. 

5. A Convenient Subscription

There is a convenient subscription option at only $49.99 per month. The kit comes with a sleek refillable glass jar and a glass travel vial, so it’s easy to keep your synbiotic capsules with you at home and on the go. With free shipping, the ability to cancel any time, and a 30-day risk-free guarantee, the power is in your hands. 

After using the Seed synbiotic for a week or so, I have noticed quite a few benefits already. My skin tone & clarity has improved, which I’m so excited about. I have also noticed an improvement in my energy levels. I’m planning to continue taking my Seed synbiotic and seeing even more improvements over time.

Learn more about the Seed synbiotic here to find out how it can help you achieve increased wellness.* Have you heard of Seed before? Do you take any daily supplements? 

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