Winter Porch Decorating Ideas

January 14, 2018 0 By EngineerMommy

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Now that the holidays are over, you may be wondering how to get the front porch to look welcoming & inviting & cozy. The lawn is probably still frozen over and the trees are probably still barren of leaves. How do you boost the curb appeal of your home during the remainder of winter? Well, it turns out there are many ways to spruce up your front entrance!

Winter Porch Decorating Ideas

Winter Porch Decorating Ideas

Winter Porch Decorating Ideas

Paint the front door
I have always been a big believer in a beautiful front door in a punchy color. We painted our front door a rich green color a few years ago and it still looks amazing. I really love what it does for our curb appeal. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your curb appeal during the drab days of January, consider painting the front door a fun color. Here’s how we painted our front door!

Add a welcome mat
It might seem like a simple step (and it totally is), but a fresh welcome mat can be the perfect addition to your front porch this winter. Get one with a winter saying on it (like this one) for a fun touch!

Hang a basket on your front door
If you fill a wicker basket with green and white stems (and maybe a few pine cones, too), it will add a decidedly cozy winter vibe to your front porch. Best part is that all the supplies are typically free – just look throughout your yard! Get a basket like this one!

Collect cut tree branches & wooden logs
I love the rustic look of cut tree branches placed on the floor of your porch. It’s such a quick, easy addition to the porch that can totally make the space feel home-y and cozy! Again, look for fallen branches in your yard and this is another no-cost decorating option! If you want to buy a permanent solution that will last for years, I love this product! Doesn’t it look totally realistic?

Add some comfy pillows
If you have a covered porch or portico, add some cozy, comfy pillows on a rocking chair. You can find so many amazing pillows online at Amazon, but this is one of my favorite finds.

Add a lantern
I am a big fan of lanterns, and I have collected several over the years. Small ones and big ones. White ones and raw wood ones. Simply adding a lantern to the steps of your front porch is a quick, easy way to boost your curb appeal and add a little extra pizzazz to your entryway.

Include a pair of ice-skates
Ok, this idea is totally whimsical but the finished product can be really attractive. Simply stacking some white ice-skates on the porch creates a really cute front porch that beautifully symbolizes everything we love about winter!

I hope these ideas have inspired you to decorate your porch for winter. Now tell me: How do you make your front entryway festive for winter?

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