Simple Ways to Find Balance Every Day

September 7, 2018 13 By EngineerMommy

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Everyday life can sometimes be overwhelming, but it’s important to seek balance as we try to juggle all of life’s demands. Today I will share some easy ways that you can find peace and happiness in a busy, hectic world. From regular exercise to online therapy, keep reading for my best tips.

1. Use yoga/exercise to de-stress
If you exercise regularly and find the time and motivation to do so with ease, that’s great for you! But if you’re like many of us, you know you should be exercising more, but still struggle with turning that into a reality. What if you realized that it’s not just your physical health that depends on it, but your everyday mental and emotional well-being as well?!

Simple Ways to Find Balance Every Day

Simple Ways to Find Balance Every Day

Studies have shown that getting regular exercise, even thirty minutes a few times per week, can help us de-stress and recharge. Exercise promotes the release of endorphins and subsequent release of “happy” chemicals in our body such as dopamine, which can help us achieve a more positive state of mind. Due to this, I make it a priority to do either yoga or some moderate intensity cardio on a regular basis.

2. Say ‘no’ more often
Once you become a parent, you pretty quickly realize that the answer can’t be ‘yes’ all the time. As much as I want to see my kiddos happy at every turn, you’ll realize that you can’t do it all, all the time. However, it’s not just the children in our lives that make constant demands of our time, energy and attention. It’s our jobs, our own parents, our PTO’s and local charities,… you name it! It’s great to give ourselves to other, but when we don’t know how to set limits, we can find ourselves overwhelmed. The best, only, and simple way to avoid this, is to become totally comfortable with the word ‘no’. I myself have been surprised at how people in my life are willing to take ‘no’ for an answer, now that they know they can expect it from me from time to time.

3. Seek online therapy
I came across an article in Free Online Therapy recently that surprised me. I knew that poor mental health is an underappreciated epidemic in our society, but I didn’t realize that 77% of U.S. counties are facing a severe shortage of mental health practitioners. The good news, however, is that modern technology is helping to close this gap of care! Online therapy has been increasing in use over recent years, and the benefits being reported are very encouraging. According to the article, over 70% of people who tried online therapy reported a reduction in their depression symptoms! That’s pretty impressive, right?

These people that participated in this study used BetterHelp as their online therapy service, which is an emerging leader in this newer industry. First, BetterHelp makes receiving quality therapy ridiculously convenient. I don’t know about you, but I’m always comfortable when I’m at my computer. BetterHelp provides face to face therapy through an online interface in the comfort of your own home. It’s safe & confidential!

Now, convenience is great, but what’s the bottom line to my checkbook? It’s always going to be one of my top questions, and in this case too, the answer is clear. In fact, BetterHelp is often more affordable than traditional visits with a therapist. You can pay a small flat fee for unlimited visits with your counselor. Now that’s something I can appreciate!

Also, getting started with a counselor is easier than ever. Simply fill out an online questionnaire to get matched with a therapist. Contact your assigned counselor via the website or app whenever you want to discuss an issue. If you ever want to switch counselors, it’s quick & easy to get a new counselor. So, what are you waiting for? Join the 4+ million people who decided to get help today.

4. Create relaxing rituals
Everybody needs a little rest and relaxation from time to time. We all know this to be true, but how often do we put this into practice? I find it’s easy to get into the habit of go-go-go. There’s always work, chores, cleaning, errands, etc. It can be really easy to get lost in it, and totally forget to take that all-important me-time. However, if you have preset rituals that you look forward to, you’ll be all the better for it. For example, the trash has to get taken out every night, and dishwasher run every other night, right? That keeps a nice, clean kitchen. At the same time, I also make sure I take some time for myself every other night (read a magazine, go for a walk, take a bath, etc.) That makes for a nice, calm mommy. Make sure you’re scheduling relaxing things into your day just as you would shopping for groceries.

5. Laugh
How does the old saying go: If you’re not laughing, you’d probably be crying?

Simple Ways to Find Balance Every Day

Simple Ways to Find Balance Every Day

Something like that. Anyway, the message is a good one. We all have a need to be reactive and expressive beings. Sometimes, the only appropriate reaction might be anger… or sadness. But, I think that we get a choice more often than we realize. Sometimes the very best antidote to a bad situation is just to laugh it off. Whether it’s spilled milk, or something we said or did that was only half-baked, learning to laugh at ourselves can put a totally different spin on things. If you’re feeling all serious, try watching some stand-up comedy on Netflix. Or grab your kids and just act ridiculous and silly with them (warning: prepare for them to love every minute of it). Make an earnest effort to bring more humor into your everyday life, and you can’t go wrong!

Learn more about the benefits of BetterHelp. How do you find balance in your everyday life? Do you practice any of these tips?

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