My Favorite Finds on Amazon

May 18, 2018 14 By EngineerMommy

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine alone.

I shop on Amazon at least once a week. The convenience cannot be beat, the prices are competitive and the selection is unbeatable. So when I had the opportunity to create my own Amazon store – my own curated selection of goods – I jumped at the opportunity. My Amazon page will serve as a one-stop-shop for me to display some of my favorite finds on Amazon. I will be updating the selection of goods on my Amazon page occasionally to keep up with changing trends & preferences. Click here to see what it looks like at the moment.

The products on my Amazon page are mostly stuff I’ve tried… like this first product. I am absolutely in love with this lip balm. It feels just like a balm but shines bright like a gloss. Plus, it’s filled with all kinds of emollient ingredients for super soft lips. I even posted this on Instagram a few days ago with this product.

You all know how much I love tea, so this set absolutely makes my heart sing. Aren’t those blooming flowers gorgeous?

I made a DIY Copper Planter and a DIY Copper Magazine Stand in the past, so you know I love copper!! If you don’t want to DIY your own, check out this copper shelf. I just love the geometric shape!

I bought this jelly bb cream several months ago and I still love (and use) it! It has a unique texture like no other. It comes with a spatula so it’s fun to apply and can be spread on the skin with fingers or a makeup sponge. It really smooths out my complexion beautifully. One of my secret makeup weapons!

As an entrepreneur, finding time to relax can be challenging. That’s why I’m always looking for easy ways to decompress. This Zen Garden is soooo pretty. By the way, you might remember I made my own zen garden a few years ago! 🙂

Having a great mirror is so important. That’s why I love this one. The lights, the magnification, the fold-ability… it’s perfect!!

I love a big ol’ soap bottle. I picked up one of these a few weeks ago and shared it on my Instagram stories at the time. It’s soooo nice not having to refill the soap bottle every few weeks.

I included a stainless steel soap bar in this post that features affordable Amazon products. A stainless steel soap bar is so versatile and the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Click here to check out more products from my Amazon store. Do you shop on Amazon often? What is your favorite find?

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