How to Refresh the Home for Spring

March 30, 2018 22 By EngineerMommy

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Refreshing the home for spring is one of my favorite parts of this time of year. Bringing in some brighter colors, tidying up the closets and sprucing up the backyard is all part of getting the home ready for the spring & summer months. Today I’ll be sharing some projects we are planning for the next few months and how you too can welcome spring to your home.

Before we get to the list, first begin by putting away all those winter accessories. This step may not be the most glamorous one but it’s a necessary one. To give the home a bright, fresh feel for the new season, it’s essential to tuck away all those winter decorations. Use a dedicated storage box for those heavy throw pillows, wool blankets, plush rugs, reindeer decor, etc.

Now let’s get into some actionable tips on getting the home ready for spring!

1. Spruce up the front porch!
Once the weather warms up, I love to spend some time sprucing up the front porch. We painted our front door years ago but I’m thinking about painting it a new color this year. It’s amazing what a difference a fresh coat of paint can have on the look of the front porch. We made this DIY Address Sign last year and it’s still holding up well, but I’m thinking about adding an outdoor welcome sign (maybe something similar to this).

2. Clean up entry way!
We recently made some changes to our entry way. I had built this bench when we first moved into the home, but over the last year, I noticed it was getting a bit wobbly. So we took off the legs, bought wall-mounted brackets and attached the aged gray piece of wood right to the wall. Now it functions as a practical console table. Right now it’s holding some candles and these DIY farmhouse carrots.

3. Focus on the yard!
When the weather warms up, we invariably spend more time outdoors. That’s why I like to beautify the outdoor portions of the property. We set up this outdoor living room a few years back but I need to add more lighting to the patio. That’s why one of my goals for this spring is to get an electrician to install outdoor electrical outlets in the backyard. We have an electrician we trust – from conducting a proper electrical inspection to gathering the required permits, he is our go-to professional for any electrical work on the house. Other projects for the backyard include building some new DIY planters (like these babies) for the porch and planting some fresh new flowers in the flower beds.

4. Put away clutter & organize!
There’s something about the start of spring that just makes me want to de-clutter the home. I usually start in some of the closets and try to purge anything that we haven’t used in 6 months. I also take this time to set up organizational systems to help us better manage our household over the long run.

5. Bring the garden indoors!
Now that we have a single family home with a yard, I like to regularly head outdoors to collect clippings from the shrubs, trees & flowers. Fresh green clippings always bring a fresh scent and organic vibe to the home. I made this Copper Pipe Planter years ago but I’m interested in making a Copper & Wood Planter this year for a fun, new twist. Stay tuned for that!

I hope these tips have inspired you to welcome spring into your home this year. How do you refresh your home for the new season? What is your best tip?

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