Home Projects for Spring

March 23, 2018 11 By EngineerMommy

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Well, it’s official… spring is here! I love this season! It’s a great time to refresh various spaces throughout the house. I have a list that’s a mile long of all the different projects I want to tackle in my home this year.

By the way, even though this post is about spring, can we just acknowledge how much snow we have gotten in the Northeast recently? We still have inches and inches of snow on the ground! This was just a few days ago…

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I’m really over the snow! Bring on the sunshine, am I right? Let’s pretend the sun is shining and the temps are in the 60’s. Let’s think about springtime and ponder all the improvements we want to make to our houses. At least for now!

1. Add spring-inspired decor!
Once march rolls around, I’m always inspired to add festive touches to my home that remind me of spring… like this simple floral wreath made out of an embroidery hoop. Another favorite project I made recently are these farmhouse carrots that are made from dollar store supplies. Tutorial for this one will be up later today (it’s super easy by the way!) Stay tuned!

2. Improve home theater system!
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3. Retile the kitchen floor!
This is something that has been bugging us since we moved into our current home over 2 years ago. We tried to re-color our grout (I shared the process here in this post) and that worked well to refresh the floor. The problem is that our tile floors in the kitchen are just too dark. And isn’t spring all about light & bright? Yes, it’s definitely time to redo the kitchen flooring!

4. Organize the home!
Does anything typify spring more than a satisfying home organization project? I am an organizer at heart! I have lists for everything, I have labels on everything, and I have a plan for all the things! 🙂 Which specific organization projects do I want to tackle in the coming weeks? Well, the garage could use an overhaul. I definitely need to corral all the lawn gear together in one spot, all the outdoor toys together in one spot, all the patio decor in one spot, all the tools in one spot, etc. Another space that is sorely lacking in the organization department is my daughters’ closets. I need to dedicate some time to organizing that space this month.

5. Add more plants!
With the warmer months quickly approaching, I am all about plants all over the house. In fact, I think it’s a spring rite of passage for me to make a new planter each spring! Ha! Some things I’m looking to do this spring is make a wooden tabletop planter and fill it with succulents. Yes, I still love succulents! I believe they’re a staple of the farmhouse style – and for good reason! Those individual green leaves are just so darn cute!

Now that I’ve shared some spring projects on my to-do list, I’d love to hear from you. What are you looking to accomplish this season? Any plans to upgrade your home audio system?

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