Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

December 29, 2017 34 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Natural Healthy Hair. All opinions are mine alone.

When I was a teenager, I worked as a hair model for a few summers. It was a fun way to try new hairstyles, make some money and experience the glamour of the big city. However, my hair took quite a beating during those years. There were countless coloring treatments, heat styling session and teasing at the roots! Since then, I have tried to take care of my hair and keep it looking its best. After all, I fully believe that healthy, gorgeous locks go a long way toward making a great impression. Today, I’ll be sharing some of my best tips on how I keep my hair looking its best during winter and all year long.

Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Drink water!

I always say that beauty starts on the inside. When it comes to hydration, I try to drink plenty of water every day. I know some people get tired of drinking plain water, but adding some fresh fruits or herbs is an easy way to boost the flavor. For example, I love the combination of lemon & basil in my water. Another favorite combo is mint & berries. Try to aim for about eight glasses of water daily, but keep in mind that water-rich foods (soups, watermelon, cucumber, etc.) also count toward your daily total.

Use the right products!

I recently discovered a few products from Natural Healthy Hair and I’m so excited by my results. My hair has never been shinier or healthier. The products I tried are the Beautifying Anti-Frizz Lustri Serum & Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment.

Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

The Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment is made with 11 natural ingredients to nourish the hair & protect from free radicals in the environment. The Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment is formulated with a number of powerhouse ingredients to make your hair look its best: Watercress Extract (keeps scalp hydrated), Calendula Extract (helps grow follicles for thicker hair), Double Molecular Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein (strengthens the hair), Rosemary Extract (improves circulation to head), and more. It even contains Anti-Frizz Guard, which offers an extra layer of protection against humidity. To use it, I simply apply the treatent to towel-dried hair, place the shower cap on, and leave for 15 minutes. This can be repeated every 2 weeks for beautiful hair.
Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Here are some reasons why I am loving the Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment:

  • It’s a professional treatment for use at home. It’s so convenient to apply this treatment at home on my own schedule.
  • It’s organic and all-natural. I love that it contains no chemicals.
  • It’s pH-balanced for healthy locks.
  • It protects against heat damage from styling tools.
  • It only takes 20 minutes for the full treatment, so it’s quick!
  • It leaves my hair looking great! Whether my hair is straight or curly, there is no frizz in sight!

Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

The Beautifying Anti-Frizz Lustri Serum features infused Vitamin E for improved elasticity & smoothness. This serum makes my hair super shiny, brilliant & silky, banishing any signs of frizz. It can be used on damp or dry hair. I usually apply it on dry hair right before leaving the house. I simply apply 2-3 drops in my palm and work it through my hair, focusing on my ends.
Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

The Beautifying Anti-Frizz Lustri Serum is one of my favorite additions to my daily routine. A few drops of this serum really gives my hair a beautiful boost in brilliance. Formulated with emollients (to soften the hair) & hydrophobic ingredients (to repel water), this serum leaves my hair feeling soft and looking glossy.
Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Taking care of my hair is super important to me and I’m really happy with my results after using these products. The Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment is perfect for anyone that colors, highlights, over-dries or over-styles their hair.
Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

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Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Simple Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

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Limit heat styling!

There’s no secret about it. Overuse of the blow dryer, flat iron or curling wand will cause the hair to get damaged & look brittle over time. Skip all heat styling as often as possible. To achieve heat-free curls overnight, simply braid damp hair before bedtime. For looser waves, simply twist hair into rope-like sections before bedtime.

Take a multivitamin!

To achieve hair growth & healthy locks, it’s important to consume a diet rich in fruits & vegetables. I also like to include a multi-vitamin into my daily routine. It’s an easy way to make sure I’m getting all the nutrients I need on a regular basis. For healthy hair, look for a formulation with B-vitamins (especially biotin) and Vitamins A, C & D. At the drugstore, you can even find formulations designed for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Get regular trims!

Split ends are never a cute look! Banish those dry, unkempt ends by getting regular trims at the hair salon. If you are looking to maintain your length, go for a trim every ~6 weeks. If you’re trying to grow out your hair, you can choose to wait a bit longer, but once it starts to look unruly, get a trim!

Finish showers with a cold water rinse!

You don’t have to give up your hot shower, but when you’re done with the shower, finish with a quick cold-water rinse on the hair. This will help to close the cuticle, thereby sealing in moisture. This will make your hair look shiny & healthy.


I hope these tips have inspired you to take better care of your hair. Now, it’s time for a giveaway! One lucky reader will win a suite of the following hair care products from Natural Healthy Hair: shampoo, conditioner, anti-frizz serum & deep conditioning treatment. Use the widget below to enter!
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Check out the Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment today and see how healthy your hair can look! How do you keep your hair looking its best? What is your best tip for smart hair care?

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